Dare to turn on Focus mode? Apple iOS 15 can block the boss from calling and sending messages late at night, LOL

At the WWDC, Apple released iOS 15 and brought many new features. Among them, the privacy control function Focus is very interesting. In theory, it can prevent your boss from calling you in the middle of the night. Will anyone try it?

In recent years, Apple has been emphasizing the protection of user privacy and security. It introduced the Focus (focus mode) function in iOS 15. After it is turned on, users can manage message notifications.

iOS users can set their own Focus and decide which apps or contacts can contact you in a certain place or within a certain period of time.


To put it simply, if you want to sleep well, set up Focus at night or within your home, if you don’t check the boss and other work contacts, then the phone calls and notifications they send will be blocked.

However, this function only blocks these notifications and does not determine whether your boss will call or send you messages. It just prevents you from seeing his messages at a specific time or place.

The question is, how many of the various iPhone users dare to block the phone calls and information of their bosses or other important people?