iOS 15 improves the photo information, now you can see where the image comes from

In the past, the iOS system concentrated photos or pictures from other programs in the system’s photo library, which caused some confusion when the pictures were too long.

For example, you don’t know whether a photo was taken by iPhone or downloaded from the Internet.

In the iOS 15 Photo App, a hidden update has finally been added. Users can directly view the EXIF information of the photo, that is, you can see the source of the image storage.

In addition, this feature can provide a title field and other information for the selected photo.

If it is downloaded by App, you can see simple information.

But if it is a photo taken by yourself, then the photo format, lens, sensitivity, lens focal length, exposure, aperture, shutter, shooting time, location and other information can all be displayed.


This feature makes it easier and faster to find pictures and photos.

It is worth mentioning that the photos show that the EXIF information is already available on Android, and the iOS engineers are indeed a bit slow in improving the system.

However, it is an indisputable fact that iOS and Android are becoming more and more similar. Of course, this is a good thing to make both parties more perfect.

If you want to experience iOS 15, and not iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and other old models, you can use the beta version in advance.

The public beta will be released next month, but the official version will be released with the iPhone 13 series this fall.