Top configuration with 8-core i9 64G MBP16: Why don’t I choose Apple M1 processor?

The basic configuration:

MacBook Pro 16-inch

Processor: 2.4Ghz eight-core i9

Memory: 64GB

Tips: Must buy AC+


Regarding why I didn’t choose to buy the cheaper and “better performance” M1:

1. Lessons from the past

Due to the failure of the previous Microsoft ARM project (Surface RT), I am not optimistic about the current situation of ARM.

Even though ARM has many benefits such as low power consumption, but without a technological breakthrough, for the “moderate computer player”, I bought the MBP of the x86 framework with a mediocre but error-free mentality.

2. Compatibility issues

Almost all hardware systems of the ARM system are not compatible with other systems, which also leads to inconvenient portability of its application software and causes a lot of compatibility problems.

First of all, most of the software only supports genuine software, such as the full range of Adobe. Although there is no doubt that buying genuine copies is what we should do. But for many light computer players, spending a lot of money for a few uses is obviously very uneconomical.

Second, even if you use genuine Adobe software, many plug-ins are still incompatible.

For example, the PS filter and the automatic microdermabrasion plug-in are naturally good for improving the efficiency of the P picture.

For people with coding needs, the ARM system has a natural disadvantage. Due to system incompatibility, many unknown errors will occur in the code.

ARM’s architecture makes dual systems a luxury. Although I spend most of my time working on the Mac system, sometimes I play some games that are not compatible with Mac in the windows system.

The Macbook with the M1 chip cut off the possibility of dual systems, and the only solution is to use a virtual machine. But wanting to play games through a virtual machine with such poor performance is almost a fantasy.

Share some of the software that I usually use is relatively high, some of which are incompatible with M1, and some are very expensive even if they are compatible

1. Essential Software

Essential for work: Office

System performance monitoring software: iState Menu

Download software: qBittorrant

2. P picture + editing tool


3. Writing Tools

The most convenient Markdown software: Macdown

The most useful and ecologically best Markdown software: Ulysses

4. Entertainment tools

Play the game: Steam

Dynamic 4K Wallpaper: Dynamic Wallpaper

Free listening to music on all platforms: Listen1