The bangs of the iPhone 13 will be narrowed because the front lens position is changed to the left?

Since the iPhone 12, there have been rumors claiming that Apple will reduce the size of the TrueDepth Camera notch on the iPhone.

Before, there was a photo of iPhone 13 with smaller bangs, and now there is a rumor that the bangs of iPhone 13 have really become smaller.

Regarding the size of the active area of the sensor housing, the height seems to have changed from 5.30mm to 5.35mm, and the width has been reduced from 34.83mm to 26.80mm.

Although it seems to be taller, the gap is obviously narrower because the microphone speaker moves up to the edge of the front glass.

The infrared camera lens and flood illuminator on the left side of the iPhone 13 Pro speaker/microphone appear to be moved to the place where the original iPhone 12 Pro speaker/microphone is located.

The front camera lens seems to be changed to the left.

The position and size of the back camera lens seems to be the same as that of the iPhone 12 Pro.

According to previous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 13 lens will also be paired with a wide-angle lens with ƒ1.5 aperture in the Pro Max.

It is not clear how accurate this model is with the real iPhone 13, but this model machine is also likely to be rebuilt according to the current news, rather than using formal design drawings.