Dedicated to pets that children, it is called Leopard Gecko

And this summer, I brought a “palm pet” to my child, this little cute one.


Hi, everyone, my name is Leopard Gecko.

This little cutie is indeed very well-behaved, very docile, and will not attack people at all. If you grab him, you will only hide. If you follow the correct method, you can hold the little cutie in your palm and watch and play carefully. , Even children can easily play with little cute.


Little cutie started to be very afraid of life. No matter where it was placed, he would watch the surrounding environment vigilantly. In his mind, he would try his best to find a place to hide, such as in holes and crevices.

Therefore, it is a bit difficult to take pictures of the little cutie in a good-looking environment. Once I put it down, I want to run to a place where I can hide.


Just like here, I have long thought of N good angles for shooting cute, but cute will fly off as soon as she stands up, plus cute is a natural tree climber, it will run down many times at once. Up.


Just like this, the little cutie can easily climb up and escape the box. Look, next to the little cute food: Breadworms are also very capable of crawling. If you feed them to little cute, you can fill them with shapes.

After many days of breeding, I found that Little Cutie doesn’t like the white and bright environment, but the black and deep environment.


I once put the cutie “on the tree”. Obviously, it doesn’t like to stay on the leaves. As soon as it goes up, it jumps down in a hurry, which makes my lens feel very helpless.


Okay, let’s put the cutie in your hands more, so that the cutie will stay in your hands for a while.


When the little cutie stays enough, it wants to escape. At this time, you can use the flip of the palm to prevent the little cutie from getting out of the “Five Finger Mountain”, and stay in your hand obediently, then you can slowly take pictures of the little cutie details , Put it on the circle of friends, it can also attract a lot of likes.


For popular science, it is called Leopard Gecko, scientific name: “Eublepharis macularius”, the Latin translation of “Eubiepharinae” is “real eyelid”, and “macularius” means “spotted”.

In fact, this little cute belongs to the suborder Lizard. You can let your children know that this is a type of lizard, but it is really called a gecko, and it is still in the color of leopard, so let the child know that this is called “leopard gecko”.


The Leopard Gecko is obviously quite courageous, and always needs a place to hide. Look, there is no place to hide in the terrarium, there is only a kitchen paper at the bottom, and the little cutie tries to hide under the paper, which is very funny.


In fact, keeping a leopard-print gecko is not difficult and the cost is not very high. In addition to buying the gecko, there is also a safe home for it. The most basic thing is to have a terrarium that can be sealed, but if there are holes for air, the transparent box can be observed. In addition, corresponding food troughs, water troughs, etc. are needed, which can be replaced by small pots. The bottom of the box should be covered with pet sand, newspaper or kitchen paper, etc., and it should be replaced regularly to ensure a clean and safe environment for the palace.


If you are a novice owner, you can start with a set of pictures, and then buy consumables such as kitchen paper and breadworms. This small black box is very important. It can be used for both purposes. It can be used as a plate to put the gecko in for viewing; it can also be placed under a cover to form a cave. The gecko’s favorite environment can be kept inside. Stay.


Of course, tweezers, thermometers, etc. are better in the follow-up. Tweezers are convenient for picking up breadworms, so you don’t have to use them directly; thermometers are used to measure the environment of the gecko. If it is winter, you need to buy a heating pad, etc., because the gecko is more suitable for living between 25-30 degrees.

If you are a little more advanced, you can also consider a set of boxes with ecological environment, so that the palace can live in a better environment.