Smart feeding is more scientific and worry-free: Mijia Smart Pet Feeder


As a “keeper”, the first thing you do when you go to work and go home from get off work every day is to feed the “keeper”. In the event of overtime or short business trips, that is a very bad thing and always worry about ” “The little master” is starving at home or overfeeding at one time, causing it to eat, and it always feels like he is constantly worried about it when working.


With the demand of more and more pet owners at present, the all-encompassing Xiaomi Technology Company finally entered the pet industry and launched the first pet smart product-Mijia Smart Pet Feeder, bringing it to more pet owners Easy and scientific feeding, and no longer worry about “little master” food for overtime and business trips.

product details:


The Mijia smart pet feeder is based on the Mijia classic white color. The design is simple and clear. The size of the whole machine is about 387*180*311mm. The small feeder can be easily placed in the corner of the home without taking up too much space. It will not produce color inconsistency with other furniture in the home, and it will be placed naturally and harmoniously.


The power supply is connected to the rear of the feeder. In order to prevent pets from contacting the power interface, the power supply connection part has a cover design. The maximum capacity of the feeder visible inside the cover is 3.6L, which is large enough to be “installed”, and the power is only 5.9 W, there is no need to worry about the situation of continuous power consumption, which saves power than an energy-saving lamp.



The Mijia smart pet feeder actually uses 304 food grade stainless steel food bowls, sincerely treating the cuteness at home, the food bowl and base are magnetically detachable, which is good for cleaning the food bowl after a period of time, and the curvature of the food bowl is also created. In a certain arc, it is easy to deal with the eating habits of pets. Seeing me assembling its “new canteen”, my baby can’t wait to look at its new gift.



The Mijia Smart Pet Feeder adopts a six-grid structure. The grain storage bucket and the silica gel grain fan blades below are also made of food-grade materials to ensure the food safety of the baby. This feeder is suitable for pet food of 5-12mm. The grain fan blade can make the grain conveying more smoothly, and the hidden grain outlet has intelligent anti-pinch to prevent the baby from being caught in curiously playing with the grain outlet. The maximum scale can also be seen on the grain storage bucket. It is not necessary to add too much when it is not on a business trip. You can observe the addition every day.

The bottom of the grain storage bucket is also equipped with sensors to monitor the status of surplus grain and grain output in real time. Once an abnormality occurs, it will immediately be reminded through the Mijia APP and the indicator light on the body.




Mijia Smart Pet Feeder stores pet food at the same time, in order to prevent the pet food from becoming damp and tasteful, a lot of thought has been taken in the design. The silicone sealing ring of the lid is completely closed with the food storage barrel, and the equipped drying box is installed. Above the lid of the bucket, the pet food is guaranteed to be dry. The spherical rotating concealed seal of the grain outlet, and the triple lock is fresh and moisture-proof to keep the pet food in the food bucket dry and delicious at all times.

product experience:


There are 3 indicator lights on the upper right of the Mijia Smart Pet Feeder. From top to bottom, they are Wi-Fi indicator (blue normal, orange offline), grain output indicator (white normal, orange abnormal) and remaining indicator Light (normally off, insufficient orange).

Of course, Mijia products are inseparable from the Mijia APP, and the pet feeder is connected through the Mijia APP. After entering the Mijia APP for the first time, the software needs to complete the pet information, including the pet’s breed, age, sterilization, weight and even the use of pet food. And automatically generate an automatic feeding plan based on the above data, so that the feeder can accurately and automatically feed the baby, truly scientific and intelligent feeding.



After installing and setting up, my baby likes this “new canteen” very much. He keeps looking at this new appliance and starts eating. It seems that the Mijia smart pet feeder is very attractive to the little ones. The feeder also solves a problem, that is, if there is a break in the house. In the case of power outages, the feeder has a long-term plan for this situation, that is, after four AA batteries can be installed inside the feeder, the feeder will feed in accordance with the storage feeding plan to ensure that the baby will continue to eat after the power is cut off. Eliminate the worries of the “keeper”.



The smart feeder has been arranged, coupled with the pet water dispenser, the two pets are suitable for use. The baby’s feeding and drinking are perfect, and now I am not afraid of working overtime or traveling. In fact, if you are worried that your baby will not have enough food at home, you can also add meals to your pet remotely through the APP. Now I am worried that I will go home and it will not welcome me as warmly as before.

to sum up:



After a few days of use, the Mijia Smart Pet Feeder uses the Mijia APP, so you don’t have to worry about filling the bowl before going to work. The baby will eat all at once and support your health, and you will not worry about frequent overtime and business trips. The food container can realize automatic timing and quantitative feeding, and it can also be fed when the network is disconnected. The triple-sealed lock of the grain storage barrel ensures that the baby’s food is fresh and delicious. I really appreciate the production of this smart feeder, which solves the owner’s concern about pets.