Discover 8 Secrets of Japanese Kitchen’s Design, Making Work Efficiency Increase 100%

The kitchen is a busy place, but it seems that Japanese housewives have their own method, not only can solve the storage problem of kitchen utensils,but also deal with cooking like washing, cutting, boiling ruly, which is really impressive.


Why do Japanese housewives always work elegantly in the kitchen?Is it that they are really too outstanding, or is there some clever design in the kitchen to help?


In fact, in addition to the nurturance education, kitchen design is the keypoint!Because, Japanese style kitchen is in the habit that considers user deeply when designing, the ambry that looks like general then, decorating with a lot of practical function, helping Japanese housewife.What are the intimate designs? Let’s check it out.

Install shelves under the wall cupboard

Cooking is easy to rush under the pressure of time, so as far as possible to reduce the number of opening cabinets to get tools is undoubtedly a big help. So the Japanese style kitchen installs shelves under the wall cupboard, with this open storage space, it won’t have trouble grabbing something.


The form that makes open mode shelves is informal, you can use a flapping board to decorate and also can design to content case, which is convenient to classify.



As for the size of the shelf, the basic height is 20cm to 30cm and the depth is 25cm;However, if you plan to store electric appliances (such as microwave), remember the depth should be 40cm.

Install magnet under the condole cabinet and on the wall

For the small tools that commonly used in kitchen, besides storing on the shelf under the cabinet,   Japanese kitchen is also used to install magnet on bottom of condole ark or metope, matching glass tins with iron cover to contain seasoner and spice, which is not only clear at a glance, but also convenient for taking out.



As for installing magnets on the wall, it is usually for receiving iron knives. It is easy to take and put back and convenient for airing after washing.



Magnet under the cupboard is also fit for storing knives.

A little reminder, the glass jars should be the light and tiny ones, in case of dropping because of the weight. Or you can just screw the cap tightly so that you can use the bigger ones.


Scew the cap directly under the cabinet.

Install hooks

Besides love all sorts of storing boxes, Japanese housewives also love to use hooks in the kitchen very much, come as the use that receives spoon, spatula, the kitchen utensils and appliances that is not made of iron, and dishcloth also can hang on the hook.



In principle, as long as the appliance has a hole for hanging, the Japanese housewife will use the hook to store it, even though for the fork and spoon without a hole, they will use a container to store it, in case for using.



Using the drawer to put electric appliances

The drawer was not a special design, but besides putting bowls and plates, they will extend to put all the electric appliances on it, making the kitchen looks in order and also convenient for serving dishes.



And this design is not only for storing rice cooker or microwave oven, if you put is under the basin, it can turn to a draining rack. And it can store pots if you put the drawer under the hearth.


Increase the table by 20cm

Easy to take and put back is the key of Japanese housewife for doing a good job in the kitchen. For example, the edge of the middle island is specially built with a height of 20cm, which is combined with the design of a niche, making this space a space for placing seasoning.


If you want to promote to receive a bigger quantity, it is better to add an area to arrange in front of cisterm, at the same time the length extends above at least 60 centimeters, then the commonly used things like paper towel, plastic bag, cleanness fluid can be  taken easily.



The open design under the cabinet

No matter the cabinet ot central island, the traditional way is to use enclosed design, which achieves dustproof and tidy visual effect. But the Japanese style kitchen chooses to use the open style design for the lower space under the cabinet.



The benefits are quickness for grabbing, convenience for storing and less water in the cabinet.


Besides storing the cookers, the Japanese housewife also puts the trash bin here, saving space while with the hidden effect, if you have enough space you can put more for the garbage sorting.


Make the dining table both for cooking and eating

The design of combining kitchen and dining table is commonly seen in small family decoration. However, Japanese kitchen, besides considering  saving space, hopes to create an environment conducive to family communication and interaction, as well as facilitating the housewife to serve food quickly.


Not only saves a set of tables and chairs, the distance between the kitchen and the dinner table is shortened, which will be easier for the housewife to serve the dish and cleanthe bowls.



Use stainless steel surface

To the choice for material of kitchen table, Japanese love to use stainless steel more and more, which is durable and easy to clean.




The Japanese housewife doesn’t have the special power, the fact is they have some pritical ideas when designing the kitchen, which improves the efficiency and get the work in the kitchen done easily.