Do you know how good that egg’s nutritional value is?

Eggs are indispensable for cooking or baking. As long as eggs are added to any dish, the flavor will become even better. But do you know the nutritional value of the eggs you eat? Then I will let you know what nutrients an egg has!

1. Lutein 

The lutein contained in eggs can make the omentum of the eyes healthy, it can also help protect eyesight, maintain eye health, and effectively prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. People who keep looking more at mobile phones and computers must eat eggs to maintain eye health.



2. Choline 

Eggs contain the main components of cell membrane synthesis. And Acetylcholine, one of the neurotransmitter substances, is also an essential ingredient for choline. Therefore, eating eggs is helpful to improve memory and brain development.


3. Selenium 

The selenium contained in an egg is 1/5 of the daily intake of selenium. The effect of selenium is to improve our body’s immune system. The role of selenium in our human body is anti-oxidation, it is an enzyme that can eliminate free radicals, and it is a very needed ingredient in our body.



4. Vitamin D 

Eggs are one of the natural foods that contain vitamin D. Vitamin D can prevent symptoms related to bones. If someone’s vitamin D is lacking, it will affect muscle function, immunity, cardiovascular and metabolic systems.



5. Protein 

In addition to helping to build muscles, high-protein eggs have low calories and a long-lasting feeling of fullness. They are one of the must-eat foods when exercising or losing weight.



Eggs can be made into a variety of different egg delicacies. In addition to being delicious, you can also take in quite good nutrients.