Do you know how many types of Ghillie suits are in the PUBG?

PUBG is one of the finest shooting and battle games out there right now. And when playing this game, the Ghillie Suits may be the most popular equipment of everyone.

Let’s have a look at the different types of PUBG Ghillie Suits:


Obtaining a Ghillie suit is actually very difficult because they are only available in Airdrop Supply Crates which are dropped a certain amount of times during the game. Even in Airdrop Supply Crates players do not always get Ghillie suits. A Ghillie suit is one of the best outfits for sniping.

PUBG has 4 types of Ghillie suits in total.

1. Green Ghillie suit

These Ghillie suits are found mostly in the maps of Erangle and Sanhok because both the maps have a jungle environment. In the map of Sanhok, especially, this suit has been proven to be very effective, due to the presence of dense green bushes. During the open ground battles in Erangle, this Ghillie suit will definitely help you survive longer than any other suit.

2. Snow Ghillie suit

This type of Ghillie suit will be found only inside the map of Vikendi due to its white snow structure. It helps a player completely camouflage themselves on the white layer of snow. Most of the times, snakes wearing this outfit are very dangerous for the opposition.

3. Dark Brown Ghillie suit

These Ghillie suits are mostly found in the map of Vikendi due to the presence of dark brown patches on the ground. Also, Vikendi has brown wooden houses which are useful to hide yourself. Snipers prefer this type of Ghillie suit the most.

4. Desert Ghillie suit

Last but not the least, this type of Ghillie suit is mainly found in the Miramar Map because this map has a desert-like appearance, which is mostly covered by sand. Therefore, PUBG officials have created a special outfit for this map. This outfit is mainly used by the campers, snipers and during open combat.

So which one is your favorite?