PUBG 11.2 Update is Now Available on Consoles

Battle Royale PUBG revealed that its new Update 11.2 is now available on the consoles. The update brings a series of changes, new features, and a brand new survivor pass to PUBG.

Update 11.2 was released to PUBG on PC last week, and the game receives updates frequently. In fact, update 11.1 was released about three weeks ago, so the situation in shooting games changes quickly. However, update 11.2 is much larger than 11.1, so when the patch will also be released on its system, the console player will have a lot of new content to view and explore.


One of the biggest additional features is the new Survivor Pass: Pajama Party. The pass is valid from May 6th to June 17th, and various cosmetic players can unlock it by completing competitions and challenges. Another major change comes from the update of PUBG’s original map Erangel. The changes are centered on the map bridge to and from the military base, providing a new way to access the map and changes to the covering distributed along the length of the bridge. This update will also delete the graffiti in the PUBG 4th Anniversary Graffiti Contest event.

The update also made some adjustments to the game’s new reputation system, visually inspected the Flash Hider attachment on SLR weapons, and made various improvements to the UI. It also brings a change that allows players to quickly play up/down games, and now half up/down games can be played. A finer sensitivity adjustment for the brightness of various sights and reticles has also been added.


Finally, the update will also allow players to switch seats or exit the vehicle when shooting, without pulling them out of the target. The update also brings a test mode to PUBG that allows players to respawn and looks more similar to the crazy mode players see in PUBG Mobile.

All in all, Update 11.2 brings a lot of new content to PUBG on the consoles. Frequent updates are likely to cause the game to have such a large player base, and PUBG even ranked first in the recent bestseller list. I hope that developers can continue to release updates with new features and adjustments that players love, and with the latest rumors about PUBG 2, players should have a lot of expectations in the PUBG field.