Do you know the features of back screen of Mi 11 Ultra and how to use it?

Last night, Xiaomi held the largest Mi Fan Festival so far in Beijing. Lei Jun himself also revealed a lot of insider news. He personally broke the news that the secondary screen of Mi 11 Ultra is the same screen on Mi Band 5.

In fact, it has been guessed before. After all, the size of this Mi 11 Ultra secondary screen is exactly the same as Mi Band 5, and the functionality is basically the same. It supports message notification, status reminder, music control, privacy protection, and so on.


However, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has added a new screen display function, which can customize the display time, weather, text, pictures (including gif animations), theme pictures, etc. This has also caused many netizens to switch to major brand logos. It is very interesting to realize dream linkage easily.


At present, the biggest function of the secondary screen of Mi 11 Ultra is to preview the picture in real-time when taking selfies. This allows users to use the ultra-high pixels and super wide-angle of the rear camera to take self-portraits, which can take clearer pictures while still covering more. It has a large range, and the rear camera also has a night vision-like night shooting effect, and bright self-portrait pictures can also be obtained in dark scenes.


It is worth mentioning that because of the addition of this secondary screen, Mi 11 Ultra also can turn off all background and main screen displays, and only use the secondary screen display, 10% of the battery can be standby for 55 hours, it can be used in an emergency when going out.

How to use the back screen of Mi11 ultra?

Open the phone “Settings”, slide down and select “Features” to enter.

Click the “back screen” function on its interface and open it.

In the “back screen” function interface, open the display content “back notification content”.

In the back screen style setting interface, turn on the switch that displays the notification options.