Don’t know how to choose a Marshall speaker that suitablt for you? Check this out!

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If you are still hesitant to buy Marshall or don’t know which one to buy, I hope the following tips I summarized can help you.

Next, I will share the quick selection skills and the comparison of 8 Marshall speakers.

The brand was born in London, England in the 1960s and is the world’s largest rock music speaker brand. Marshall speaker family is divided into 3 categories: portable, desktop, and smart.

Portable Model


It has the advantages of waterproof, battery life, and easy to carry. There are 4 models in total: Emberton, Stockwell ll, Kilburn ll, and Tufton.

Desktop model


The sound quality is better than portable speakers at the same price, but no battery life, heavier, suitable for home use. There are 3 models: Acton II, Stanmore ll, and Woburn ll.

Smart Model


The name suffixed with voice is a smart model, suitable for people who are accustomed to using smart voice functions at home.

I hope these tips can help you to get the Marshall speaker you want.