Dyson Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner–even the smallest apartment deserves being tidy and clean

Dyson omni-glide’s universal soft velvet drum suction head adopts a new sliding mechanical design and a flexible shaft interface.

With 4 patented pulleys that rotate horizontally at 360°, the suction head can be moved in any direction, and the arc, horizontal and rotary universal dust removal can be realized without excessive movement.

Thanks to this, the vacuum cleaner can move against the wall in a compact space without pressure.

It can also easily bypass ground obstacles such as the legs of tables, legs, and chairs, which solves the problem of moving the dust in the corners to completely clean the corners.


At the same time, the suction head has a built-in motor driving a double revolving gear box, allowing two diagonally sewn carbon fiber brushes to simultaneously attract dust from two directions at the same speed, which can cover a larger area and double the effort.

The Dyson Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner adopts a linear body design for the first time, creatively integrating the cyclone, motor, filter and handle into a single body and arranged in a linear body.

The air flow passes through the fuselage in a straight line to avoid air loss and further improve the performance of dust collection and dust-air separation.


Its power is strong, the speed is still as high as 105000 rpm, and the 8-cone cyclone can produce a strong centrifugal force of up to 98000G, which can effectively separate the fine dust in the air, and the suction is strong and lasting without loss.

It also has an advanced machine sealing and five-layer filtration system, using ePTFE porous membrane filtration, which can absorb and lock 99.99% of fine dust as small as 0.3 microns, exhaust clean air, and avoid secondary pollution.

In terms of battery life, embedded battery design, a single nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery can provide 20 minutes of battery life and 3.5 hours of full charge.

Supports battery replacement, and the battery can also be charged separately.