This LG 4K display monitor matching my MacBook is so nice!

Online classes and various kinds of coding make the eyes and cervical spine really hurt. Finally, I decided to buy an external display monitor!

After searching the popular BenQ, LG, and Dell, I accidentally found this super cost-effective display monitor on Amazon! It met all my needs, and it was less than 400 dollars when I bought it.

Model: LG 27UN850-W


1. 4K (a must for MacBook)

2. Type C interface adapts to Mac

3. Built-in camera

4. Can be rotated by 90 degrees, necessary for coding!

5. The U-shaped base that many people complain about has just become a must-have place for my cats to lie down

6. The original price does not exceed $450

In summary, it is really a 4K display with a high price-performance ratio, with good quality and reasonable price. After comparing the two screens, there is indeed a little color difference, and I feel that the external display is a little red. But it can be adjusted, and it is basically the same after the adjustment! It has been used for about two or three weeks, and it feels very good to use.