Enjoy the pleasure of free breathing, the Jinglang mask allows you to breathe deeply

As far as smog is concerned, it is more likely to appear in winter in the north. As for the protection of smog, we have become accustomed to cleaning at home and wearing masks when going out. To be honest, I also need to use masks against smog. My deepest feeling is It is uncomfortable to breathe after wearing a PM2.5 protective mask, especially when riding outdoors, it feels a bit out of breath. A smart mask that claims to allow users to breathe freely was recently discovered in a crowdfunding campaign. It is the Jinglang anti-haze smart mask. How smart is it? Does it allow me to breathe good air comfortably during cycling? With this question, the author started with this smart mask, let’s feel its uniqueness together.



This is an intelligent mask with powerful purification, bionic breathing, intelligent filter inspection, ergonomics, intelligent interaction and intelligent upgrade. We can understand its true face from the outer packaging, but it actually feels more like a piece Facebook, it is said that the official study of nearly 100,000 faces, combined with ergonomic design, to create such a product suitable for the face of the Oriental.


The entire package includes a set of smart masks with white panels, a black panel, USB charging cable, instruction manual, ear hook cable and buckle. It is worth mentioning that it is very easy to carry the Jinglang smart anti-haze mask in a storage bag. Convenience.



Jinglang smart anti-haze mask adopts a flexible silicone fitting design to match the face shape of Chinese people no matter from which angle and any curve, thereby ensuring the airtightness of the breathing cavity, keeping away from PM2.5, and ensuring that we breathe Pure good air, maybe users who wear glasses have questions? Will the lenses fog up when I wear it? The answer is this, because it has a face fit of up to 99.5%, it will never fog!


For the replacement of this smart anti-haze mask panel, it adopts an easy-to-use three-point magnetic adsorption design. Users can freely replace white or black panels according to their preferences. I think manufacturers can actually add some unique personalized elements. The designed panel, wearing it and walking on the street, the rate of turning heads must be 100%. After removing the panel, we can see the core part of this product: the filter.


The filter of the Jinglang smart anti-haze mask contains four layers, a sterilization layer, an electrostatic adsorption layer that absorbs pollen smoke and other large particles. The high-efficiency HEPA layer specifically deals with fine particles of PM2.5, and the organic matter and auxiliary layer can filter out odors, formaldehyde, etc. substance. The artificial intelligence chip built into the filter can monitor the life of the filter according to the adsorption amount of PM2.5 particles, and intelligently remind users to replace the filter. According to official data, the filter can be used in an environment with a PM2.5 index of 200 70 hours.


As an intelligent anti-haze mask, Jinglang uses a turbo fan to provide air supply, and can be dynamically controlled by an intelligent chip to intelligently adjust the wind speed according to the user’s breathing rate and intensity. Whether it is walking or riding, it can maintain The effective air supply volume and free breathing are so simple. Of course, users can also adjust the air intake rate according to personal preference. The maximum air supply efficiency of this product is as high as 45L/min. I believe that it can be worn even during strenuous exercise. Experience the thrill of breathing almost without resistance.




The power switch of the mask is located in the lower right position, and the left side is the USB charging port. I am very satisfied with the charging design of the power bank. I am no longer afraid of the embarrassment that the outdoor sports mask cannot be used without electricity.



The wearing method of the Jinglang smart anti-haze mask can be fine-tuned automatically through the included ear hooks. For users who run or ride, a special buckle can be used to assist fastening, thus avoiding the accidental fall of the mask during intense exercise. However, for the small holes of the ear hooks, the author was a little cautious when installing it for the first time, for fear of tearing it off. The facts proved that its flexibility is trustworthy.


The biggest feature of Jinglang Penguin Smart Anti-Haze is that it can manage and monitor the masks intelligently through the mobile phone APP, but for the QR code included in the box, the author has something to say. After scanning, you must install the 360 ​​APP to install it. GreenLung is a bit unfriendly. In the end, the author had to give up this installation method, and finally downloaded and installed the APP by visiting the official website.


Jinglang smart anti-haze mask is paired and connected with the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth. On the home page of the application, we can see the air index of the current location area. In addition, the user can intuitively see the usage of the filter and adjust the wind speed through the APP. , In short, it is very simple and intuitive to use.

Final summary:

The feeling of this product, wearing this type of mask for the first time does not have the pressure in the past. Thanks to the use of flexible silicone material, it also brings a good fit while ensuring airtightness. It is worth mentioning that The filter with a four-layer structure provides us with fresh air and stays away from the damage of haze. The intelligent bionic breathing function accompanies our breathing rate and intensity. It automatically adjusts the wind speed and makes it easier to breathe freely during exercise. Like a portable air purifier that gives us polar-like pure air anytime and anywhere, Jinglang smart anti-haze masks indeed bring us the enjoyment of free breathing.


1. The life cycle of the filter is a bit short;

2. The charging interface does not use the mainstream Tpye-C interface.