Covid-19 is sweeping the world again, How to wear mask safely

Singapore confirms first case of new Covid-19 strain from UK, a 17-year-old student who recently returned from Britain. How should we protect ourselves? Yes, just wear a mask. Today I’ll teach you how to wear  mask safely.

How to preserve the mask

1.N95 and other protective masks

In terms of wearing, you need to wash your hands with hand sanitizer before wearing. For secondary wearing, it is especially necessary to avoid contamination of the surface of the mask with bacteria, etc., follow the instructions for correct wearing and removing, and the main thing is that you should not touch the inner part of the mask. Outside, it is easy to cause the mask to become dirty and carry pathogenic bacteria. If you need to use it again, it involves how to place the mask, which can be hung in a dry, ventilated or packed in a clean, breathable paper bag.

2. Medical surgical mask

The storage method of medical surgical masks is the same as that of protective masks such as N95. It should be noted that it cannot be put in a sealed plastic bag, such as a fresh-keeping bag. After wearing the mask, there will be a lot of water vapor, which can be volatilized as soon as possible in a ventilated place.

Mask cleaning and disinfection

In the process of cleaning and disinfection, the mask will be deformed and loosened, which will cause the filter effect to decrease, the filter layer is damaged, and it cannot meet the requirements of the mask before leaving the factory, and the air tightness is also greatly reduced. Disinfect. At the same time, due to sanitary conditions and personnel protection issues during the disinfection process, it is easy to cause the mask to become dirty.

RegisteredNurseRN’s video may be helpful to you

The reuse of masks is also important

1.N95 and other protective masks


Due to the difficulty of purchasing, the N95 and other protective masks are seriously scarce. Under this premise, they can be used multiple times. Generally, it is recommended not to exceed 5 times per day. At the same time, pay attention to the hygiene of the mask. If it is not used in crowded situations, 5 There is no problem around the sky. If the mask is damaged, dirty, breathing resistance increases, etc., you need to replace the mask for your own health.

2. Medical surgical mask


In the same situation as N95 and other masks, medical surgical masks can be used twice. If the mask is stained, soaked, drenched, and crowded, it is recommended not to use it again. After each use, it should be placed in a relatively clean, dry and ventilated place. Spraying disinfectants, including medical alcohol, will reduce the protection efficiency, so it is not recommended to use alcohol spray to disinfect masks.

If you find it troublesome to reuse masks,  Recommend you to use: