9 super cute Doraemon officially authorized medical masks are coming!

In order to cope with the upcoming release of the Doraemon 3D animation film “Stand by Me Doraemon 2”, the Taiwanese medical brand “Huajing Medical” has launched a series of medical masks with Doraemon.


There are 9 styles of Doraemon medical masks. Each mask has a different design and box. Once you put it on, it will be full of Doraemon, which is really super cute. It is worth mentioning that Doraemon masks use HEPA high-efficiency filter materials used in advanced air purifiers. In addition to the cute appearance design, medical-grade masks are even more extra points.


The first wave of Doraemon masks released 3 models, which have been officially launched on January 15.

The first Doraemon mask


The first one is designed with a full Doraemon, whether it is the front or back figure, it is too cute.


The second Doraemon mask


The second model also uses the classic blue and white design, with the movie STAND BY ME slogan and the big head of Doraemon, the shape is still very cute.


The third Doraemon mask


The third model is based on Doraemon’s popular characters as the design theme, including Doraemon, Nobita Nobi, Gouta Takeshi, Honekawa Suneo, and Shizuka, and a full-page mask with different round background colors.