This little purple item can solve your troubles in humid weather!

Recently, the weather was so humid! The windows, mirrors, and floors were covered with water drops. It was too uncomfortable. The clothes did not dry for several days, and the smell was still stinky.

I accidentally saw this amazing thing when I was looking for a solution on the Internet. Skrillex drying rack, which is the best answer! And the purple color is so nice!


After used it for a few days, I found that this is so useful! Its lightweight and can be folded and retracted. It does not take up any space, your clothes can be dried quickly. And it has ultraviolet light, which has a disinfection effect.

As a photographer, I often go to other places to take pictures. The suitcase still needs space for various equipment and computers. You can’t bring too many clothes. With it, it’s just too useful. Not only did you bring fewer clothes and you don’t need to worry about the smell of dirty clothes in the suitcase.