Jo Malone can also be wrapped into a bouquet?

Probably not many girls are unhappy to receive flowers, especially when Valentine’s Day is approaching. But the girl’s heart is always contradictory. If her boyfriend brings a bunch of hundreds of roses, she will feel distressed and feel a waste of money. This year, you may wish to borrow a picture to remind your boyfriend, don’t give a lot of roses that silly as it is romantic, you may wish to get a more creative and second purpose bouquet.

20210129_16119320015371_mobile 20210129_16119320038296_mobile 20210129_16119320050379_mobile 20210129_16119320033825_mobile Instead of spending lots of money to send a girl more than a hundred roses, it is more practical to send a large box of fruits and flowers. On the one hand, it can satisfy her desire to get flowers, on the other hand, it can satisfy her desire to eat. Boys can ask the florist to order you a fruit gift box that contains flowers that the girl likes, and you can purchase the fruits she likes in person. If you want the gift box to look girlish, you can add strawberries, cherries, champagne grapes, and other fruits of beautiful shapes.
20210129_16119320020612_mobile 20210129_16119320045638_mobile 20210129_161193200540610_mobile If your girlfriend likes drinking, you might as well spoil her on Valentine’s Day and let her be presumptuous occasionally. Go to Shopee or Lazada to order some slightly alcoholic beverages that are suitable for girls to drink, and send them to the flower shop to customize the bucket flower basket. Presumably, rather than using all the money to buy a large bunch of flowers, I believe your girlfriend would be more willing to see a bucket flower basket with a small number of flowers and a large amount of beer inserted. At the same time, if a girl wants to give her boyfriend a surprise gift on Valentine’s Day, but does not know what to give, she can also consider a wine bouquet or a flower gift box. I believe he will be very happy if he likes beer.
20210129_16119320029214_mobile 20210129_161193200585711_mobile 20210129_161193200621212_mobile Boys can start with the skincare series that their girlfriends usually use or cosmetics that she wants to buy for a long time. After shopping for the foundation, perfume, lipstick, or mask she has already fancy, take it to the florist and let them help you to form a bouquet. If you don’t want to waste all the money on buying flowers, let the florist help you plant them in the bouquet. Buy some small flowers with relatively familiar prices, such as daisies and gypsophila, and your girlfriend will be surprised and happy too! There are flowers, and she also receives the gifts she wanted to start with.
Girls, let your boyfriend know that you want these for Valentine’s Day this year.