5 kinds of food you must eat to get more muscles!

Many people will drink a cup of protein supplements to promote muscle growth after exercise. However, in addition to drinking supplements, you can also take in the nutrients for muscle growth in food. Here are 5 foods that are good for muscle growth. They will definitely taste better than protein supplements!


Beef is rich in protein and amino acids that are beneficial to muscle tissue, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. In particular, there is a substance called conjugated linoleic acid, which is one of the substances necessary for muscle growth.



Chicken breast

One of the foods that people who exercise muscles usually eat is chicken breast. Because chicken is different from other red meats. Its fat content is relatively low and it has a high protein content. For those who do not eat beef, chicken is the best choice.




Salmon has many nutrients, among which its most well-known Omega-3 fatty acids are also very good for muscle growth. It can also promote blood circulation, help the formation of bones, and a lot of good fats can also maintain satiety.


Sweet potato

Eating carbohydrate-related foods is not good for muscle growth, but sweet potatoes are edible. It can slowly increase blood sugar levels. It has a good feeling of fullness, has a lot of fiber, and is also helpful for the intestine and digestive system. In addition, it also contains anti-oxidant vitamins A and B.



Eggs are also rich in protein. It contains essential vitamins and minerals. These are good ingredients for metabolic function and the immune system.


Natural foods are ultimately better than processed supplements. They are not only delicious but also promote muscle growth. If you are not used to drinking protein supplements, you can consume more of the above foods.