Several Mijia small items worth buying

Mijia has always been known as a grocery store, and the variety and wide range of products are staggering. However, Mijia’s products are very popular. After all, these products are not only reasonable in price but also very good in quality. Today, I would like to recommend several Mijia small items worth buying!

Mijia anti-splash nail clipper

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Nail clippers are the most commonly used daily necessities. We must buy them that are easy to use. This nail clipper is made of high-quality 402 stainless steel and is formed by one-piece forging. The appearance is stylish and beautiful, and it is resistant to wear and rust and the blade is not easy to chip.


In addition, Mijia anti-splash nail clippers are equipped with contusion lines on the inside, and the frosted texture is very delicate. The nails polished with this nail clipper are fine and not piercing. The nail clipper uses a curved blade, which can perfectly fit the nail, and it is very convenient and fast to shape. In addition, the cover design of the Mijia anti-splash nail clipper handle is also very clever, which can effectively reduce the splash phenomenon when clipping nails.

Mijia Bluetooth thermometer

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The Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 is also one of the more eye-catching products of Mijia. This product has the advantages of multiple functions and low price. The Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 is made of ABS environmentally friendly material and has a built-in 1.5-inch LCD display. Compared with the traditional thermometer and hygrometer, the Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 has a smaller volume and a simpler appearance. Intuitive small expressions, pure digital display, clear and easy to understand, easy to use for both the elderly and children.


The Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 has a built-in high-precision sensor, which can give the most accurate value whether it is measuring temperature or humidity. At the same time, the machine also has ultra-low power consumption. The built-in button battery can power the machine for about a year, reducing the trouble of frequent battery replacement for users. In addition, the Mijia Bluetooth Thermohygrometer can also be interconnected with the “Mijia” APP in the mobile phone, and the temperature and humidity curve can be displayed so that temperature changes can be seen.

Mijia night light 2

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If you want to improve the quality of living, you must have a Mijia Night Light 2. Mijia Night Light 2 is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, which has the advantages of solid, durable, and reliable quality. The outermost side uses a PC matte diffuser, the light is soft and not dazzling, ensuring that users will not be disturbed by lights at night. In addition, the scope of application of this small night light is also very strong, whether it is a staircase aisle, a corridor porch, or a wardrobe cabinet, it can be perfectly adapted.


Mijia Night Light 2 also supports dual-level brightness adjustment, low light is gentle and gentle, and high light is clear and bright. This night light uses a battery power supply, no additional wiring is required, low power consumption, and one-time battery replacement for one year. In addition, the night light has a built-in photosensitive + human body dual sensor, which can sense the movement of the human body in a wide range, and it is easy to light up when people come.

The above three Mijia small items are easy to use and not expensive. Is there any one you like?