Valentine’s Day gifts! Perfume buying guide for different income levels

The annual Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Yes, this Western Valentine’s Day will never be late. It will always appear before and after the Spring Festival. Valentine’s Day will have a lot of troubles, such as what kind of gifts to give to each other. It’s the big problem of the century. In fact, no matter how much your income will be, whether you are single or want to confess your sweetheart, perfume is actually a good gift for yourself or the other party. But everyone’s income is different, so I will recommend a few perfumes to you based on your income level.

Income is around 3000

1,man sliver


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Zara’s is actually pretty good, both for men and women. This man’s is good and the price is right. In addition, there are many physical stores in his house. Try it in the store and it will always taste suitable for you. By the way, buy another good-looking one. Clothes.

This man sliver is cool but natural. The lemon is not very sour and not very sweet. The moderate taste will suit boys.



RICH LEATHER is a special fragrance. The scent level includes pink pepper, pineapple and lichen. It is a fresh, long-lasting fragrance and night perfume.

2.Love of Ink


Boys actually use this perfume a bit more, but this kind of bookish question is quiet and quiet, and girls will also like it. The price is not expensive, but you have to buy this from overseas, try it, maybe it’s a surprise.

3.4711 Perfume


This perfume has the scent of white peach and coriander, like a crisp peach that is not yet ripe, hanging among the green leaves of the branch, ignorant and shy, not smelling the smell of coriander, more like the smell of green grass and green leaves, fresh Green, with a crisp and half-ripe peach fragrance, but the fragrance does not last long.

The income is around 5000

1.RE perfume room


A Chinese-made brand. Although this brand is still relatively young and cannot compete with some of the top international salon brands, this perfume is characterized by the slightly drunk peony flower rose, with a very feminine and feminine charm, The price of 80ml is around 300 yuan.

Top notes black currant hyacinth

Middle notes rose lily of the valley

Base notes musk

2.mj(marc jacobs)


Eau de Toilette


Fragrance: bright and easy floral and fruity


Top notes: blackberry, grapefruit, pear


Middle notes: blue wisteria, jasmine, lychee


Base notes: white wood, musk, coconut


The scent is a bit sweet, but not greasy. The base note has a slightly woody floral scent. In short, the two words-fresh, it is very girly, and it is not suitable for girls who are too fancy or too “female” to smell the smell , Suitable for quiet, low-key girls.

Another, the bottle is very beautiful, girls will love it.

8000 yuan income



Loewe perfume 001


The top note is a thick perfume, the smell is fresh and pleasant, and it smells a light fragrance, which makes people can’t help but fall in love with it.

Top notes: bergamot, orange, cardamom

Middle notes: cypress, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, sunflower, carrot seed

Base notes: violet, musk, patchouli


It is suitable for many occasions, such as parties/proms/dating/workplace/sports.

2 Oulong


This Orange Sanguine Cabernet orange light won the “Perfume Oscar” French FIFI Awards perfume award in 2012

The juicy and plump triple citrus will give you a strong impact. The freshly cut oranges are still juicy and give off a pleasant aroma; the fresh and bright Chinese geranium outlines the sun hidden under the petals of Egyptian jasmine; slightly smoky The scent of Indonesian sandalwood and Brazilian black columbine infuses the whole fragrance with a hint of frankincense warmth.

Such a fresh and fresh breath instantly pulls you into the Italian seaside town and enjoy the vigorous morning time.

However, their perfume has no front, middle and back notes, only star ingredients and supporting role ingredients.

The protagonist of this star incense ingredients: Italian blood orange, Chinese geranium, Indonesian sandalwood

Supporting role: Fragrant ingredients: Seville bitter orange, Italian citrus, Egyptian jasmine, Madagascar black pepper, Brazilian black couma, Texas cedar

Its duration is not very long, generally between 3-5 hours.



Byredo white romantic this will give people the feeling of being clean with a touch of softness. The overall fragrance is clean floral soap. This is a perfume that is very suitable for quiet, elegant and fairy-like girls. It can give Extra points for elegance. The pure and romantic feeling seems to travel back to youth.

Top note: pink pepper, white rose, aldehyde


Middle notes: orange blossom, violet, peony


Base notes: woody, sandalwood, musk

With an income of about 10,000 yuan

1, penhaligon’s


Penhaligon was born in 1870. The founder William Penhaligon is a royal hairdresser and perfumer. This brand is very popular with the British royal family. In addition to perfume, it also produces bath-related products. Even British Prime Minister Churchill also used it.


This oriental floral fragrance is suitable for spring and autumn. The oranges are moist and sweet at the beginning, not sour or irritating, and slowly become a mouth-watering woody rose, with musk to show all kinds of amorous feelings and distinct layers.

Princess Rose’s eyes were eager to see through, with an elegant rose fragrance,

Top note: citrus,

Middle notes: rose,

Base note: musk wood

2.TF perfume


Midnight orchid

Top notes: jasmine, gardenia, ylang-ylang, bergamot, orange, blackcurrant


Middle notes: spice, fruity, lotus, orchid, gardenia, jasmine


Base notes: vanilla root, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, incense, vanilla, dark chocolate, musk

The fragrance is rich and weird, and the high-heeled queen is full of style. The beginning of Midnight Orchid can be described as quirky, with a smoky ylang-ylang floral fragrance, which makes people feel high-key, elegant, dark and mysterious, and a strong aura.