Say “NO” to animal hair! ! Major brands will stop producing animal hair brushes


In this age of “beauty”, how can every delicate woman make up without a brush? People who know how to make-up are good at using makeup brushes. A good set of makeup brushes can help you create a more perfect makeup look! Among them, cosmetic brushes are divided into man-made fibers and animal hair, and the two types of hair have their own advantages.


Cosmetic brush animal hair is natural hair scales, so it can absorb and release the product very well-soft and fine, excellent elasticity, so it has strong color picking and powder holding power, it is more suitable for using loose powder, eye shadow, etc. Fiber hair: relatively common and common cosmetic brush hair, cost-effective, but the fiber hair is relatively smooth and there are no hair scales on it, and the powder holding power will be relatively poor. It is more suitable for wet products such as liquid foundation and concealer.


Both types have their own characteristics, but now many manufacturers respond to the call of the Society for the Protection of Animals, and more and more color cosmetics companies prefer “humane cosmetics.” As Mathilde Dorbessan, head of French corporate responsibility for the Organization for the Treatment of Animals (PETA), said in a statement recently: “This compassionate decision by the L’Oréal Group will help PETA promote the use of synthetic brushes in the beauty and art industries.”

L’Oréal first responded to PETA’s call. Since then, about 100 beauty retailers and brands including Sephora, Nars, Procter & Gamble and The Art of Shaving have also stopped producing badger brushes.



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