[Premium soda drink] 12 top Sprite creative drinks! Just get it now!


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1. Sour Plum Green Orange Iced Black Tea

Ingredients: Sprite, ice black tea, small green orange, mint leaves, and plum


Put the cut small green orange, ice black tea, and Sprite in the cup.
Put a few sour plums and mint leaves.


2. Watermelon Yakult

Material: Sprite, Yakult, watermelon, ice cube


Dig out small balls with a watermelon measuring spoon, place them on the bottom of the cup, and put ice cubes in them.
Pour in Yakult and Sprite one after another, add mint leaves to decorate, and the simple watermelon Yakult is completed.


3. Watermelon Sprite Ice

Material: Sprite, watermelon


Shake the Sprite and put it in the refrigerator for more than 3 hours.
Cut the watermelon into small pieces for later use, pour the frozen Sprite smoothie into a cup, then put the watermelon cubes on it


4. Blueberry sparkling water

Material: Sprite, peach RIO, 12 blueberry RIO, fructose


The blueberries are bottomed and mashed with a small stick.
After pouring the ice cubes, secretly stuff the leaves for decoration.
Pour 6 drops of fructose and some fruit pieces, and pour 7 full portions of Sprite.
Finally top up the peach RIO.


5. Full cup of dragon fruit

Material: Sprite, Yakult, dragon fruit, ice cube


Cut dragon fruit into pieces and mash in a cup.
Add 7-minute full ice cubes, then pour 7-minute full Sprite, and cover the ice cubes
Pour a cup full of Yakult.
Finally add a few pieces of dragon fruit on top.


6. Orange sparkling water

Ingredients: appropriate amount of Sprite, 1 orange, 12 green kumquats, ice cubes


Cut the orange in half, peel the half and cut into small pieces and put it in a cup to press out the juice.
Squeeze a kumquat juice into the cup, put ice cubes, and then put a slice of orange,
Put two halved small kumquats and pour into Sprite.


7. Green grapes bubble water

Material: Sprite, oolong tea, green tea, the appropriate amount of sago


Make oolong tea and freeze the Green grapes ice cubes in advance.
Pour the sago dew into the empty glass, pour the mashed Green grapes and Green grapes ice cubes
Then pour in the fragrant oolong tea and Sprite.


8. Cherry Mango

Material: Sprite, mango puree, cherry


The cherry pulp is pitted and put into a cup, and the juice is squeezed out.
Add the ice cubes and pour the Sprite to 7 minutes full.
Pour the beaten mango puree into the cup (add water and sugar when beaten the mango puree).


9. Summer starry sky

Material: Sprite, Yakult, Butterfly Pea Flower


Soak a pot of butterfly pea flower water, cool it, pour it into an ice tray, and freeze it in the refrigerator.
Put butterfly pea flower ice cubes, Sprite and Yakult into the cup in turn.

10. Confession sparkling water

Material: Sprite, blue rose RIO, 1 apple, 1 red plum


Put apple slices and red plums into a cup and pour ice cubes.
Put the plum slices on the cup, add a little fructose and pour into the Sprite.
Finally, pour into Blue Rose RIO.

11. Kiwi sparkling water

Material: Sprite, two kiwi fruits, 1 small bunch of green tea


Cut and slice kiwi fruit; cut raisins in half and set aside.
Put the kiwi pieces in a cup, mash them, pour in ice cubes, and add 2 slices of kiwi for decoration.
Pour in the Sprite and put the halved green tea and mint leaves.

12. Strawberry sparkling water

Material: Sprite, strawberry, rosemary, fructose, ice cube


After the strawberries are mashed in a cup, add ice cubes and an appropriate amount of fructose.
Finally, pour in Sprite and add strawberries and rosemary to garnish.



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