Thermos Zodiac of Cow design is finally here! Take it in your hand and will be more attractive! Hurry up and start collecting!

2021 is the Xin Chou Year of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, also known as the Year of the Ox. In conjunction with the upcoming Spring Festival, I believe that your friends have already begun to prepare gifts for the elders, relatives, and friends in the new year, right? In addition to the typical festive gift baskets, New Year cakes, jerky, etc., but not the same as the new year, the editor here will recommend the Thermos zodiac “cow” design thermos that must be bought this year.

The thermos series of the zodiac introduced by Thermos every year is very popular. And this year’s “bull” design thermos is not only commemorative but also very practical! Worth collecting!


To coincide with the arrival of the 2021 Year of the Ox, Thermos has delicately designed an eye-catching bottle with the theme of “ox”. The cow body design on the thermos flask is hot-stamped on the frosted golden bottle with a novel and special pearl shell effect, which makes the thermos low-key and luxurious, which makes people shine.

Such an exquisite and unique Thermos thermos for the Year of the Ox, do you want to have it right away? Now the opportunity is here! Let me tell you quietly, as long as you purchase Thermos Ox thermos on the Thermos official website, Thermos Experience Shop @ The Gardens Mall, KL, and major e-commerce platforms from January 22 to February 28, 2021, you can enjoy RM47 Instant rebate! How can you miss such a great deal?

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Every purchase will give you a greeting card for the Year of the Ox, allowing you to send your deepest blessings to a special TA!

It is worth mentioning that, whenever you purchase a Thermos thermos for the Year of the Ox, Thermos will also attach an exquisite Year of the Ox greeting card for free. During this Spring Festival, even if you can’t get together with your family and friends, you can pass the sincerity and blessings in your heart to them through handwritten greeting cards, making this festival warmer!

During the Spring Festival, let’s share the joy! The exquisite year of the ox thermos is on sale!

The surprising and exciting part is here! Participating in the prize game will give you a chance to get a Thermos thermos for the Year of the Ox, and not one, but two! Yes, that’s right, I will give you two Thermos thermos bottles for the Year of the Ox in one go. How can I miss the editor? The Thermos Malaysia Facebook page will be held from February 1st to February 14th [Tag & Share Prize Game]. You can win this special series of thermos in just a few simple steps! Let’s see how to participate now!


[Tag & Share Prize Game] How to participate:


Step 1: Tag (TAG) a friend on the Facebook post.

Step 2: Write the warm greetings you want to this friend.

Step 3: Share this post to your own Facebook story, and tag (TAG) Thermos Malaysia Facebook

Step 4: The three selected lucky winners will have the chance to get Thermos ox year design thermos, and each winner will get two!

It’s not as good as action, so hurry up and join your family and friends in this [Tag & Share Prize Game] now! Maybe you are one of the Lucky Stars selected!


✔️ Double-layer vacuum insulation technology, long-term heat preservation, and cold preservation!

Thermos uses double-layer vacuum insulation technology. The vacuum can form a thermal insulation layer, effectively isolate the temperature loss, so as to achieve the effect of long-term heat preservation and cold preservation, so that you can drink hot or cold drinks anytime and anywhere outside the whole day!

✔️ Made of high-quality stainless steel, safe and durable!

The body of the Thermos thermos is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is durable and safe, and it also has a 5-year warranty.

✔️ One-button switch to prevent water leakage!

Thermos series thermos uses a one-button switch design. Just press the power button to drink easily. The bottle cap also has a leak-proof design to prevent water leakage. The point is that the bottle cap of the thermos is detachable so that friends can do deep cleaning, which is convenient and hygienic!

✔️ Lightweight design, easy to carry out!

The Thermos thermos bottle has a capacity of 0.6L, and the bottle body is designed to be light and easy to carry. Whether it is held by hand or put in a backpack, it will not appear too bulky. Whether you take it to work or school, this stylish and practical Thermos thermos for the Year of the Ox will definitely start a wonderful year for you!

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