Huawei DALEN Intelligent lamp 2i-good helper to save your vision

Desk lamp is the most important lighting equipment for student group on the desktop, if there is not enough light or stroboscopic, it is likely to lead to eye fatigue, using for a long time may also affect vision, so choose a good desk lamp can not only change the learning efficiency, also can maximum guarantee with eye health.


Huawei recently launched a new product — Dalen smart desk lamp 2I, which is said to be a smart desk lamp with high price ratio and complete functions designed for young people to study and work.Dalen Intelligent desk lamp 2I’ lamp body is flat, which is very convenient for storage.


The lamp-post of desk lamp is rotational axis structural design, the illumination angle can be adjusted flexibly


The base of desk lamp is very thin, but it is not light opposite the whole weight of desk lamp, this is to ensure the balance of the lamp.


The front of the base of the desk lamp is attached with simple instructions.There is WiFi LED indicator light and power/function two-in-one touch button in the middle of the head.


The lower part of desk lamp base before and after both ends are designed with two prevent slippery gum, which can make it more stable when putting on desktop.


The lamp can be used when it is plugged in.You can turn on/off the desk lamp by touching the “on” key, and long press the power button to switch the dimming mode. There are four lighting modes available: light, medium, dark and night light.


Of course, as a “smart” desk lamp, it is not enough to use it only as an ordinary desk lamp. To open its intelligent function, it needs to cooperate with Huawei intelligent life APP to highlight its intelligence. After matching, you can open the control interface of the desk lamp on the Smart Life APP. All the functions on the interface are divided into modular layout, which is clear at a glance. The desk lamp has three modes to choose from, such as non-pole dimming, makeup filling and selfie filling. In addition, the desk lamp also has abundant extension functions, such as night awakening, timing switch and countdown setting.


The color rendering of lamps and lanterns is also an important index, the highest value of the index is 100, so we generally choose lamps and lanterns to see the color rendering index, the higher the better.Huawei Dalen intelligent desk lamp 2I adopts high color rendering lamp bead, with color rendering index as high as Ra95.