Create your Ins-style kitchen with beautiful appliances

After the start of MCO, it’s time for everyone to return to self-cooking mode and improve cooking skills. This time I will recommend the high-value kitchen appliances that you can buy on LAZADA. The appearances are good and the prices are very reasonable. 

1. Fashion Red Air Fryer-RM130.90 Purchase link: Click here
Since I got the Air Fryer, frying food will no longer make the kitchen full of oil, and the whole room will not be full of oily smoke. This brilliant red Air Fryer has a size of 1.3L and a maximum temperature of 200 degrees, which is suitable for living alone or in a small family.
2. Retro Green Air Fryer-RM119 Purchase link: Click here
If you want to create a fresh and retro kitchen, then this retro green Air Fryer is perfect! Compared with the red one, this one has a larger capacity of 3L and a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. The vintage green with brown handles is exquisite and beautiful.
20210121_16112128767662_mobile 20210121_16112128765661_mobile
3. Retro green multifunctional electric pot-RM93.90 Purchase link: Click here
Want to eat something good when you eat alone, but don’t want to wash too many pots and pans? As long as you make good use of the multi-function electric pot, you can eat hot pot and barbecue at the same time! This multifunctional electric pot can be used for frying and roasting food on one side, and for boiling soup on the other side. The point is that there is no need to wash so many dishes.
20210121_16112129859411_mobile 20210121_16112129861542_mobile
4. Beige white multi-function electric pot-RM193.58 Purchase link: Click here
Like the above, it is a hot pot and barbecue pot that is suitable for cooking food for 2 to 4 people. This one is beige white and the color matches the kitchen of ordinary families better.
20210121_16112147661921_mobile 20210121_16112147663972_mobile
5. Retro green electric kettle-RM93.00 Purchase link: Click here
It is too much trouble for people living alone or in a small family to make herbal tea or sugar water. It is much more convenient to use an electric kettle. Just put the ingredients and water in the kettle, boil it, then you can pour it out and drink it directly, and it can keep warm. 
20210121_16112131059741_mobile 20210121_16112131061782_mobile
6. Fashion red small oven-RM78.90 Purchase link: Click here
If you want to learn how to bake during MCO, you can’t miss this little red oven! It’s not only attractive but the key point is that the price is only RM93.80.
20210121_16112132640421_mobile 20210121_16112132642212_mobile
7. Multilayer retro green Air Fryer-RM499 Purchase link: Click here
If you have many members in your family and the Air Fryers described above are too small, then you can consider this 10L capacity air fryer, which can be put into roasting even if you have a roast chicken. In addition to roasting and frying food, you can also bake dried fruits, bake biscuits, etc. An air fryer can replace other household appliances. The current price of this Air Fryer is RM499.
20210121_16112133533261_mobile 20210121_16112133535862_mobile