Food in refrigerator is not necessarily safe unless you have Zhenmi refrigerator absorber

Refrigerator is one of the modern family’s necessary appliances, it can bring a lot of convenience to our life, but most of the refrigerator will become a food storage machine, the result is that the taste of various leftovers and the original taste of food in the refrigerator will mix together and  breed bacteria, which will affect the freshness of food.But the refrigerator is related to food safety, the safety must be paid attention to.


Now there are a lot of refrigerator absorbers that are very convenient and do not consume electricity in the market, the effect is very good. Solve the refrigerator sanitation problem with the scientific method is the most reliable way.


The advantages of Zhenmi refrigerator absorber

No.1 It’s small and doesn’t take up space

It can be placed anywhere, and this absorber is so small and delicate that it’s easy to spot in the fridge if there’s a crack in it.


No.2 Simple operation and easy to use

It will start working two slight touch on the switch button and it will stop by a long touch that about two or three seconds on the swtich. A fully charge can last for 25 days , and it has a wide range of uses. It can be used not only in the refrigerator, but also in new closets at home, cars and other small enclosed spaces.

No.3 Extend the freshness of food

During the operation of the absorber, the active oxygen produced by it can effectively inhibit the growth of ethylene ripener and bacteria, and prolong the fresh life of food. For perishable fruits like strawberries and green leafy vegetables, the fresh life can be extended to seven to fifteen days after using the absorber.


No.4 Remove odors and prevent odor mixing

All kinds of food in the refrigerator will surely give out different flavors, which will lead to the flavor of each other. After using Zhenmi refrigerator absorber to remove the flavor, different food will not affect the other ingredients.


No.5 Live oxygen stereo purification sterilization

The absorber can actively release the germicidal gas, eliminate the trouble of the breeding of harmful bacteria in an all-round way with high efficiency to complete the purification and sterilization of the refrigerator, let the inside of refrigerator clean completely.


No.6 Fast decomposition of pesticide residues to protect food safety

The active oxygen released by the absorber can strongly oxidize fruits and vegetables, remove pesticide residues, and purify them at a speed of 30-50 times faster than that of natural decomposition.