The method of how to make three-color milk tea! You can make it at home


Three-color milk tea is a famous beverage in Sarawak. It can be said that every coffee shop has Teh C Special to order! In fact, three-color milk tea is not difficult to make, you can do it at home!

You only need to prepare the following materials:

The right amount of thick black tea, the right amount of evaporated milk, ice cubes, and [2 pandan leaves, 1 large coconut sugar, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 200ml water] or you can use Leaves three-color milk tea syrup instead.


1. First cut the coconut sugar into small pieces, then add brown sugar, water and pandan leaves, then boil over medium heat until it is completely melted, and wait for it to cool [If you use Leaves three-color milk tea syrup, this step can be omitted]

2. Add 50ml of syrup to the empty cup

3. Add full ice cubes

4. Slowly pour about 50ml of evaporated milk

5. Add in the strong black tea at the end!