Experience Baseus Super Silicon 20W charging head at your own expense

I don’t want to talk about environmental protection today. Today I want to say something to Cook for Apple. You don’t want to send a charging head. It’s a good fortune and a peace when you send it. It’s too slow to charge my electric toys. Who would use it to charge? Cell phone. If you don’t give it away, you don’t have to give it away. I have to have a charger for the iPhone 12 Pro. This is a lot of opportunities for accessory manufacturers. Many mobile phone accessory brands have also taken advantage of the trend to produce their own charging head products. The overall cost performance and performance, I chose Baseus 20W Super Si fast charging head, and bought a 20W matching data cable.


Baseus can be said to be the first-line Apple digital accessory manufacturer in China, and was the designated accessory supplier for China Telecom’s iPhone 5 mobile phone. The lower right corner of the product packaging box is marked with Super Si super silicon, instead of the previous GaN gallium nitride. This is a new type of semiconductor material customized by Baseus for iPhone 12 after the success of GaN gallium nitride.

Super silicon and gallium nitride have a complementary relationship. Gallium nitride has huge advantages in high power and multi-port charging. The greater the power, the more the value of gallium nitride can be reflected. Super silicon has both volume performance and price for small and medium power.

In view of the small and medium power fast charging characteristics of the iPhone 12, Baseus uses Super Si super silicon instead of gallium nitride material, which can obtain performance comparable to gallium nitride at a relatively reasonable price, so the price of Baseus’s charging head has also come to 49 yuan. The additional line is only 59 yuan.


Baseus’s 20W charging head is also black. I personally prefer white. After all, white is more compatible with Apple. The charging head is not big on the whole, and the length of the data cable is more suitable.


Compared with the size of iPhone 12 Pro, I personally feel that it is very suitable. The design of Baseus this time is relatively simple.


As you can see from the bottom of the charger, input: AC 100V-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.8A, Type-C output: 5V = 3A, 9V= 2A, 9V = 2. 22A, 12V = 1. 67A, 15V = 1. 3A 20W Max..


The data cable has been treated with anti-breaking treatment. Considering that the original Apple data cable is so easy to break, it is better to protect it.


The data cable is braided, which looks sturdy in appearance, and the cable magic band is not absent.


Let’s try the measured power again,


When the peak power can reach 20W or even more than 20W, I still need to complain about the heat dissipation of the iPhone. When the heat is concentrated, the charging power will be reduced. Android has already reached the VC heat plate to dissipate heat, and the iPhone is still using graphite for heat dissipation. It’s strange that it comes, let’s test the temperature of the charger while charging.


to sum up

Advantages: high cost performance, 49 yuan 20WPD charging head, 59 yuan to send the line, economical and affordable, it is not necessary to buy more than 100 original Apple heads; mini compact, this is currently the most support protocol, the smallest size charging head, said It’s black technology.

Disadvantages: The charging head is not foldable. If you can ensure the strength of use, it would be better to use your own 65W gallium nitride folding charging plug;


In daily use, it can not only fast charge the iPhone, but also occasionally return blood to the notebook. It can also run to 20w, and Baseus’s super silicon also supports the 20V voltage range, which is really conscientious. If you happen to buy an iPhone 12 series, it happens that there is no suitable charger, this one is worth yours.