Farewell! My iPhone 12

After buying it for more than four months, I will complain about this generation of iPhone 12.

Let me first talk about why I bought an iPhone 12 but not a pro at the time.

As a user who basically has not missed any generation of iPhone, and has used Huawei P30 pro mate 30 pro, the sense of touch is indeed getting stronger and stronger.

So at the beginning, it was completely conscious of the touch. The weight of 162 g is definitely better than the iPhone 12 pro, which is too heavy.

The second is the screen. To be honest, there is no need to worry about the screen effects of the past generations of iPhone, but everything is the difference in perception caused by contrast.


As a user transitioning from iPhone xs max to iPhone 12, the screen of iPhone 12 is obviously not transparent compared to iPhone 12 pro, and it is not as good as iPhone xs max.

And if you turn on the automatic brightness, you will always feel that the screen is slightly darker, causing you to manually adjust the brightness a little each time, and finally turn off the automatic brightness directly.

The automatic brightness adjustment iPhone has always been the best, better than all other mobile phone manufacturers, but as for the iPhone 12, I feel the shortcomings, the reason may be simple, the iPhone 12 adopts the same automatic brightness adjustment strategy as the iPhone 12 pro.

But due to the low brightness of the iPhone 12 screen (a difference of 175 nits), it naturally feels dark

The third is taking pictures. The ultra-wide-angle of iPhone 12 is basically at the mid-to-lower level in flagship phones, and the image quality is very average.

The iPhone has always performed poorly on telephoto, and the iPhone 12 still lacks telephoto, which will indeed affect some shooting scenes.