fridge odor purifier, rapid rid of bad smells in a fridge

With the continuous improvement of social living standards, the use of various electrical appliances is gradually becoming universal. However, more and more problems have been discovered during use, and users have created new pain points.

Some materials show that the penetration rate of refrigerators in urban households in my country has reached 85.4%. The huge use of refrigerators has created many new problems.


Due to the large amount of food stored in the refrigerator, there is not only the problem of odor between the food, but also the problem of peculiar smell. Of course, the problem of food preservation is also very prominent. Moreover, the bacteria in the refrigerator are beyond our imagination. If the ingredients stored in the refrigerator are stored for an extended period of time, various bacteria, such as Salmonella, Listeria, Yersinia, and Shigella, will easily breed. The emergence of these problems seriously affects the use of refrigerators by users, and at the same time, it also affects people’s normal lives.


For example, if the refrigerator is not cleaned in time, people are very likely to eat bacteria into their stomachs. Some foods carry a lot of bacteria when they are put in the refrigerator. Like eggs, it is easy to carry salmonella. If cross-contamination of cooked food directly ingested, it may cause food poisoning, ranging from headache, nausea, loss of appetite, and in severe cases, it may cause cramps and dehydration. ,shock. In addition, Listeria, known as the “fridge killer”, mainly infects humans through food. Studies have shown that 64% of people infected with Listeria can find this bacteria in the refrigerator at home. These problems are mainly due to the unhygienic internal environment of the refrigerator, such as: drinking half of the milk causes secondary pollution, cheese made from raw milk is not sterilized at high temperature, and cold meat cooked food is stored for a long time.

What is gratifying is that the “nemesis” of these problems-Zhenmi Refrigerator Deodorizer Bao Deodorization Sterilization Air Purifier Guardian Deodorization Bao Detoxification and Deodorization Artifact has been born, and the problems that plague users will soon be destroyed. solved.

Now, let me give you a detailed introduction to this refrigerator purification artifact.


1. First introduce the performance of this purifier.

With diversified functions, this refrigerator purification guard combines the four effects of sterilization, deodorization, preservation and removal of pesticide residues into one, solving multiple problems with one trick.


First of all, remove peculiar smell, avoid odor, restore the original taste of food. This refrigerator purifier eliminates all kinds of peculiar smells caused by the accumulation of food materials while killing bacteria, and bid farewell to the trouble of odor.

Life should be “fresh”, making the refrigerator more fresh. This refrigerator purification artifact produces active oxygen during operation, which effectively inhibits the growth of ethylene ripening agent and bacteria, prolongs the food preservation cycle of about seven days, and the refrigerator is not afraid of being full.



Actively release germicidal gas, completely eliminate the problem of harmful bacteria breeding, efficiently complete the refrigerator purification and sterilization, and restore your healthy refrigerator.

Rapid degradation of agricultural residues, 30-50 times of natural degradation. Active oxygen strongly oxidizes pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, destroys its effective genes, significantly reduces the concentration of pesticide residues, and can easily be washed and dissolved by water.

It is worth mentioning that “0” consumables can also kill bacteria, live oxygen sterilization and deodorization, no need to consume battery filters, environmental protection and energy saving.

Introduce the use of this refrigerator purifier.



One touch, easy operation. Double-click the power button to start; double-click again to switch between regular and enhanced files. In addition, charging for 4 hours can be used for 20 days. The regular file of preservation and deodorization has a battery life of about 20 days, and the deep deodorization and disinfection has a battery life of about 7 days.


Briefly introduce the status of the indicator light. Normal mode: the power light is low-brightness-constant light, weak white light; enhanced mode: the indicator light is high-intensity-always bright, strong white light; charging: the power light is breathing effect; power is insufficient: the power light is flickering effect.


Operation of regular gear and enhanced gear: the regular gear will work for ten minutes after starting up, and then it will work for 5 minutes every 55 minutes in this cycle. Work for 10 minutes in the enhanced gear, and then work for 10 minutes every 20 minutes in this cycle.

The purifier is small and convenient, does not take up space, and can be placed in the refrigerator no matter how full. Because it is a rechargeable purifier, it is also very convenient to carry, and it can also be used in other places, such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, and cars.


This purifier uses Type-c interface, USB charging interface, charging is more convenient. The body is made of ABS+PC, with better overall performance and higher chemical stability. It adopts anti-freezing and moisture-proof design, suitable for storage and use in the environment of 0℃-40℃ in the refrigerator compartment.


The truth

Advantages: Absolutely beyond my imagination, I can’t believe that a purifier not only has the small size of a mini version, but also has so many functions. Purification and sterilization, refrigerator deodorization, food preservation, and degradation of pesticide residues are all targeted to solve a “pain point” in our lives.

Insufficiency: The function is sufficient, but the indicator light is not obvious, it is best to make a realistic number.