From $499? iPhone SE 2022’s details are exposed! What you wanna know are all here!

For Apple, although they are suffering from chip shortages in the new stage, the overall pace of new product promotion has not changed.

According to the latest news from the upstream industry chain, Apple is preparing a new version of the iPhone SE, which may use under-screen fingerprints.

If this is the case, then the release time is not very sure, and it may be postponed.

Because the fingerprint technology under the LCD screen has not yet been mass-produced and commercialized, and the experience of the fingerprint technology under the screen is not as good as that of the OLED screen fingerprint.

Therefore, if the large-size LCD screen is used on the Apple iPhone SE 3, the fingerprint recognition will either be placed on the side, or it will use Face ID instead of fingerprint recognition like the iPhone XR.

According to the news, Apple will equip the iPhone SE3 with the same A14 processor as the iPhone 12 series.

As for the price, there are reports that iPhone SE3 is expected to be launched in two versions, of which the low-end version is priced at US$499 and the high-end version is US$699.

By then, the iPhone SE3 will also become the cheapest 5G iPhone ever, which may have a big impact on the mid-end Android phone market.