List of Apple products of 2020: There are successes and failures

Apple has always been the industry leader.Whether in the mobile phone industry, or some of the smart accessories and audio fields it has dabbled in .Apple always looking for innovation and a better user experience.As a result, Apple has been able to maintain its popularity for a long time, especially since the iPhone has earned a huge success. But if you think that Apple’s products are all successful, you are definitely being too absolute.In fact, Apple’s products have their failures as well. Today, let’s take a look at the major new products of Apple in 2020. What are the successes and failures?

Successful cases

1 iPhone SE:


There is no denying that almost all smart phones have entered the era of full screen.But there’s one phone that still has a small screen and touch ID and it sells incredibly well. That is  the iPhone SE. With a powerful hardware configuration and a reasonable price, this product not only allows many users to experience the power of the iPhone, but also allows some cash-strapped users to experience the most powerful hardware and the smooth latest version of iOS.

2 iPhone 12:


There’s no doubt that the iPhone 12, despite its high price, is still the hottest smartphone on the market. The appearance has not changed much, but the more robust style is in hot pursuit by many users after the launch.The addition of 5G network support that for the first time, as well as a high-resolution OLED screen, makes the iPhone 12 popular despite a slight increase in price compared to the iPhone 11.

3 iPhone 12 Pro Max



There is no doubt that it is Apple’s most powerful smartphones so far. With its powerful performance, oversized screen size and the iPhone’s largest camera sensor, the phone is well-balanced.It is popular because it is too powerful, it has been out of stock even in some markets.

Failure cases

1 iPhone 12 Pro


On the top of the list is the iPhone 12 Pro. Compared to the iPhone 12, the specs have barely increased, same with the look and feel. It’s more of a minor upgrade than a successful one, with users preferring the iPhone 12, or the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

2 Apple MagSafe


Apple has embedded small magnets on the back of the iPhone 12 series, enabling add-ons such as wallet covers and wireless chargers. However, this is definitely an “experimental” product, and the experience is very mediocre.There are even media reports that wallet accessories can easily fall off.

3 Apple AirPods Max


It is non-collapsible, heavier and with very generic looking.The price of this product is not cheap, but at the same price, the Sony 1000-XM4 and Bose 700 are obviously better choices.

Apple is not a myth, it can’t be perfect eigher of the design or the layout of its products.So that’s part of the summary for Apple’s 2020, do you agree with it?