Codoon F4: your personal sports assistant

In the early years, exercise step counting relied on software, but now more users choose wearable hardware. Smart bracelets and smartwatches are very clear representatives. However, in terms of price, a smart bracelet without a screen is between tens to hundreds of yuan, while a smartwatch with an on-screen display costs four to five hundred or even thousands of yuan. But if there is a market, there will naturally be “spoilers”.

Today, I will introduce to you a smartwatch that does not exceed 300 yuan. It is a smart wearable product launched by Codoon, a pedometer software that everyone often used on mobile phones in the early years. The one I started with is its fourth-generation Codoon F4. The cool packaging is very attractive to consumers.


In terms of packaging details, the product uses a box design, and there is a small black box inside after removing the outer skin. The accessories are also very simple, with a black watch body, a folding description, and a magnetic charging cable on the back. Perhaps due to price restrictions, the product is not equipped with a charging stand that is convenient for the watch.


After tearing off the sticker on the dial surface, press and hold the switch on the right side for about 5 seconds. The watch will enter the system. The default screen displayed by the user is the default lock screen body that is completely styled with the sticker, providing users with a European-style time and date effect display. The Codoon F4 smartwatch adopts a round dial design with a 2.5D curved surface technology, and at the same time provides users with a 1.4-inch display screen with an excellent display effect, and is integrated with the middle frame back shell in details, making the watch no matter the visual It feels very good both on top and on.


In the strap material, a silicone strap that is touch-friendly is used. In order to better adapt to arms of different thicknesses, 14 small holes are provided in the strap part for users to freely adjust and shrink the wrist distance. The smooth strap does not cause obvious discomfort to the wearer even if it is sweating.



And on the back of the Codoon F4 watch, there are current mainstream functions such as heart rate sensors and body temperature measurement distributed on the surface of the convex disc in the center. In order to avoid the erosion that may be caused by sweat, there are also special magnetic charging interface contacts provided on the periphery of the disc. 


For the first boot, the watch will show the user the QR code information bound to the product on the dial. Since the hardware and software need to be bound, the user will automatically jump to the download page of the Codoon software when the user scans for the first time. After completing the application installation, you can complete the hardware binding operation in the software. At this time, the device that is activated for the first time will also be gifted with 31-day membership rights, and then after the firmware is updated, the watch can be set up for communication through the APP.


When the user slides up the dial, it is entering the menu function, where the user can independently realize a series of functions such as exercise recording, music playback, body temperature measurement, heart rate measurement, alarm clock, and other functions quickly.


However, when you swipe the homepage to the left, you will enter the device to record the user’s exercise, rest, weather, and sleep information content display page, through which users can directly understand their basic daily routine on the mobile phone and carry out reasonable planning and deployment of your next day’s work and rest.


When swiping to the right on the homepage, you enter the message bar module pushed to the watch by the mobile phone. Through this simple message panel, users can quickly flip through the watch to quickly preview the notification messages on the mobile phone, which greatly saves users daily browsing The time consumed by the phone.


Regarding the modification of the watch theme, the watch comes with three simple themes by default. In addition to the default theme with flowers as the background, there is also a simple dynamic theme of reindeer and butterfly.


If you want to enjoy themes with richer colors and more diverse content, users need to push them through the Codoon APP on the mobile phone. Users can choose pure numbers or patterned theme styles according to their preferences. When the APP is executed to upload the theme, the dial interface will also enter the exclusive download page at the same time. At this time, the user cannot operate the watch. When the upload is completed, the new theme interface will run automatically.


When the user needs to record the running exercise, the dial will quickly switch to the value recording interface after the user confirms the execution, where the user can display exercise time, mileage, steps, and heart rate times under the current exercise state. It’s concise and clear, and it’s very convenient to read it right away.


After the end of the exercise, if the user wants to intuitively understand their own motion trajectory, they can use the Codoon APP on the mobile phone. After the user completes the data synchronization, they can review their own motion trajectory and the one generated by the exercise at the time. Should exercise data.


The charging interface design is very interesting. Like all smart devices, the charging contacts are also divided into positive and negative poles. In order to avoid the user’s wrong contact with the contacts and cause the hardware to be burned out, the Codoon uses the same polarity on the watch and the magnetic suction head. The design strategy of repelling opposite poles attracting each other. When the direction is wrong, the user will be bounced away by repulsive force no matter how close the data line is to the interface.




Since the built-in lithium battery of the watch is only 220 mA, in order to ensure that it can have enough battery life, the daily watch is running in the state of rest screen. At the same time, in order to facilitate the user to check the watch time or exercise status daily, users can through the internal sensor to realize the function of turning the bright screen, which guarantees battery life and solves the display problem of users watching the watch.


Also, in terms of heart rate testing, in addition to real-time monitoring of users during exercise, users can also perform quick tests under daily conditions. By clicking on the heart rate icon, the watch will display to the user after about 30 seconds of initialization as the current pulse information.


In addition to recording the user’s movement and physical condition, this Codoon F4 smartwatch is also an anti-lost artifact. When the user’s mobile phone is moving away from the bound watch, the Codoon F4 will give a vibration reminder and draw a picture on the dial to remind the user.


Judging from the positioning of the watch market alone, this entry-level Codoon F4 smartwatch is full of sincerity in terms of design and materials, except that it cannot make calls, not supporting application installation and NFC functions, the functions for sports and health monitoring are all available, and the cost-effective aspect is still worthy of recognition. The only regret is that the appearance of the business-style body is too single. After all, sports can be divided into men, women, and children. If they can add a design that is suitable for women and children, it will be more perfect.