Xiao Ai Speaker Art battery version, battery life is 6.5 hours for every charge!

The Art battery version of Xiaoai Speaker has a large-capacity battery of up to 4850mAh, optimized by intelligent power saving algorithm, and can last up to 6.5 hours on a single charge. A 0.7mm metal body, 10531 sound holes, a new black and gold color scheme, and 16 million gradient streamer lights. One 2.5-inch 12W full-range speaker with two customized bass boosters makes the bass effect even better. The world-renowned sound effects company DTS also tailor-made exclusive quality sound effects for Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art Battery Edition, with three modes: clear vocals, surging bass, and gentle.


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The speaker is equipped with the third generation of Xiao Ai, with 1600+ kinds of life skills. If you want to cook, just wake up Xiao Ai and just ask it.

Parents’ favorite cross talks, children’s favorite fairy tales, or you want to listen to an idol’s CD, just wake up Xiao Ai, you can enjoy a massive library of genuine music, 100 million audio content, music, cross talk, children’s books, etc.

At the same time, the built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway is connected to the Xiaomi loT platform, which can remotely control 3000+ smart devices in one sentence, and adds touch-sensitive buttons to facilitate the operation of users who are used to speaking dialects.

In addition, using the latest version of MIUI12 system Xiaomi mobile phone, close to the speaker immediately configure the network, eliminating the tedious operation process, the elders can also easily master.


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