Full screen with equal width on all sides! The rendering of the Xiaomi MIX Flip is exposed

In March of this year, Xiaomi officially released the first folding screen flagship “MIX FOLD”, which uses a left-right folding scheme.

The overall expansion is more like a tablet computer, which brings a larger screen effect, and has become the cheapest folding screen model with a price of 9,999 yuan.

However, Xiaomi is not satisfied with this. Recently, overseas media exposed the Xiaomi MIX Flip.

The phone is also a folding screen phone, but it uses a completely different up and down folding scheme, similar to a flip phone.

According to the exposed renderings, Xiaomi’s clamshell-style folding screen is very similar to the previous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The back uses a dual-camera + secondary screen design. The small screen can view time, notifications and other information at any time, effectively reducing the number of screen opening and closing times and extending the life of the folding screen.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Mi MIX Flip has achieved a four-sided equal-width screen frame effect on the internal main screen. Unfortunately, there are still holes in the screen, which fails to realize the proactive solution under the screen.

And the front camera seems to be equipped with at least a dual camera module, and the opening is a long strip shape, which looks a bit contrary.

In addition, the rendering also shows another back design of the Mi MIX Flip, which cancels the secondary screen solution and places the camera modules in a circular arrangement in the center.

The overall shape is very similar to the Huawei Mate 40 series, and both models are highly recognizable.

In addition to the two MIX Flip models with flip design, previous news also said that Xiaomi will launch MIX FOLD iterative models in the second half of the year.

The mobile phone will be equipped with an under-screen camera on the large internal screen to realize the video call and Selfie functions on the large internal screen.

More importantly, Xiaomi is also expected to introduce high refresh screens for the new MIX FOLD models, which will greatly improve the experience of large-screen devices.