Galaxy S21 FE was suspended from production, Samsung responded like this

Recently, South Korea’s “Electronic Times” reported that Samsung has suspended production of the Galaxy S21 FE due to the lack of Qualcomm processors.

Once the news was released, it attracted the attention of major media. According to previous news, the Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be launched in the second half of this year, and it is positioned as the lowest mobile phone in the Galaxy S21 series.

Will become the king of performance in low-cost machines. And this model will be sold at a further price reduction and has the opportunity to become one of the cost-effective phones this year.


Samsung has previously warned that the company is currently struggling to cope with the consequences of a “serious imbalance” in global semiconductor supply.

In a recent report, it seems that Samsung has temporarily suspended production of the Galaxy S21 FE.

ETNews reported that according to a reliable source, Samsung stopped production because it did not have enough processors for the Galaxy S21 FE.

Samsung notified their suppliers on Friday that they are suspending production of S21 FE components and canceling orders for various materials.

However, the day after ETNews, ETNews has taken down the article. Samsung also officially responded to the report, stating that it has not yet made any decision on whether to stop production of the Galaxy S21 FE.

The official statement stated that “Although we cannot discuss the details of unreleased products, the so-called suspension of production has not yet been determined.”