New renderings of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 series has been unveiled

Last year, there was some news that Samsung might cut down the Galaxy Note series and equip the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy S series with the iconic S Pen stylus of the Note series to graft the Note series to other product lines.

However, a Samsung official previously revealed: We are preparing for the release of the Galaxy Note series next year.

Although Samsung insiders denied plans to cancel the Note series this year, their response only proved that the Galaxy Note 21 series will come out this year. Some people familiar with the matter said that the Galaxy Note 21 will become the masterpiece of the Note series.


Recently, some netizens exposed a set of high-definition renderings of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE, which is the cheapest model in the new Galaxy Note 21 series, with a slight reduction in the screen, fast charging, and camera. According to the picture, Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE adopts a similar design to the Galaxy S21 series, but it inherits the consistent rugged body design of the Note series as a whole. It has a straight-faced hole-digging display on the front, and the upper left corner of the back is equipped with S21 is the same three-shot scheme.


According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE has a screen size of 6.5 inches and a resolution of 1080P+, and the back of the fuselage may use a plastic back shell to obtain a thinner and thinner fuselage and effectively control costs.

In terms of configuration, Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE will be equipped with Qualcomm’s newly launched Snapdragon 870 processor, which will not only provide performance second only to the top flagship Snapdragon 888 but also effectively reduce costs, thereby reducing the final market price. On the whole, Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE is not a flagship product, but it has good hardware performance and can also provide a relatively low price. It is the cost-effectiveness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 series.