Actual test, is it worth buying OPPO Watch which announced can surpass Apple?


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Yes, it can surpass Apple! Based on the actual measurement, is the OPPO Watch worth buying?

When evaluating OPPO Watch, I deliberately compared Apple Watch. After comparing all aspects in terms of price, features, and functions, I can tell you very responsibly that OPPO Watch has beaten Apple Watch. As for whether OPPO Watch is good to use? Is it worth buying? I will tell you in detail.




In terms of packaging, OPPO Watch is packaged in a long carton, which is simple and atmospheric, and it seems to be OK. The specific model of the watch written on the back is OW19W2, and the charging input is 5V1A. To be honest, seeing this 5W charging power, I am really worried about the charging speed of this watch.


In terms of accessories, in addition to the watch itself, there is also a magnetic charging base, a manual and a spare watch clasp.

The appearance of the watch


The dial of OPPO Watch is square with rounded edges. Because the 41mm version is the smallest version of the dial, it looks small and more suitable for female users.


There are two buttons on the right side of the dial, the slightly longer one is the function button, and the one with the green mark is the switch button. The function button is responsible for switching the dial interface and the function interface and has a wide range of uses, and the switch button also has an emergency call function.

On the left side of the dial are two very thin speaker openings. Although not large, the sound quality is not bad, and the external sound is quite loud.


It looks cooler on the back. The five circles in the middle are sensors, and the most important thing is to detect heart rate. The four side-by-side contacts are charging contacts. If the charging base is connected to a computer, the abd command can be used to transfer files and other data.


The strap adopts a quick-release design, but it is not the traditional ear design, but a pull-in type, which can also be replaced at will. The strap that comes with it is made of rubber, and it feels good on the skin. The strap buckle is similar to a smart bracelet, which is light and convenient. I still like this design.

To sum up the design of OPPO Watch, it is very beautiful and conforms to the mainstream aesthetics. It also has a 30-meter waterproof function and an independent swimming mode, which is very suitable for swimming enthusiasts.

Operation mode experience


The screen of the OPPO Watch is a 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, and the operation method is touch screen operation, but it does not rely entirely on a touch screen. Different from more than a dozen smartwatches evaluated by ide0007 in the past, the sliding in the dial interface of the OPPO Watch seems a bit different.


The common smart watch dial interface sliding left and right will directly enter the shortcut function menu, while OPPO Watch can only switch between each dial interface. At first, I was very uncomfortable. After all, this high-frequency operation application is a bit confusing for dial switching. Do users need to change the dial frequently? In contrast, ide0007 is more accustomed to long-press the dial to switch the kind of operation.


When it comes to the dial, it must be praised that the dial of the OPPO Watch is really rich and interesting. Different dials have different functions. Some can be long-clicked to switch the interface, and some can be clicked to enter new functions. Anyway, there is everything. This is worth blowing up. There is also an interesting AI to wear a watch face. Take a picture of yourself and the watch will automatically generate the corresponding dial. No longer have to worry about not knowing how to choose a dial! By the way, too cool dials consume more power!


Sliding down on the dial interface will still open the status bar. The interface is similar to a mobile phone. They are shortcut switches for various functions. Some switches will only appear when the corresponding functions are turned on, such as eSIM, and others need to be updated to the latest.


The way to actually enter the main menu requires the button on the right. This design greatly increases the usage rate of the buttons. I don’t know if it will accelerate the life of OPPO Watch buttons.


Long press another power button, you will enter the switch interface, sliding can realize shutdown, restart and other operations. An emergency call can be realized by pressing it five times in a row, and it can save lives at critical moments!

Functional experience


What can OPPO Watch do? What are its functions? As a smart watch with Android system, OPPO Watch is equipped with its own ColorOS Watch system, just like a small Android phone. Basically the desired functions can be achieved by installing third-party apps. So according to the characteristics of OPPO Watch, I will be divided into two categories to experience sports health and daily life.

Sports and health functional experience


OPPO Watch’s sports and health functions are very complete, and even specially designed sports and health items as a watch face, which is convenient for users to quickly enter and view their record information.


OPPO Watch can support a large number of sports monitoring such as running, fitness, swimming, mountaineering, cross-country, elliptical machine, rowing machine, badminton, etc., with very complete functions. What’s more user-friendly is that when you forget to turn on exercise monitoring, OPPO Watch will automatically remind you that you are exercising when it recognizes that you are doing a certain exercise. It is very intimate whether you want to turn on exercise monitoring.

Because of OPPO Watch, I finally turned on sleep monitoring that I haven’t used for a long time. Because OPPO Watch is small and light, it does not have too much burden even when you sleep, and it can even be worn without feeling, so it is very suitable for all-weather wear, and it is also very good as a sleep monitor.

Summarize the experience of OPPO Watch sports. Comprehensive functions, rich content, accurate monitoring results, relatively intelligent, the watch is light and comfortable to wear, very suitable for sports wear, even if it is used as a professional sports watch, there is no problem.

Daily tool experience


OPPO Watch has a built-in eSIM card, which can be used as an independent mobile phone in several ways, such as an independent number, as a secondary card, or a number of dual cards. After opening, the watch can make independent calls, and it can also use the mobile phone’s data to connect to the Internet. It is more convenient to support the watch APP function.



OPPO Watch comes with very rich applications, almost all of the commonly used functions, and also comes with an application market, you can install more applications, there are many small tools that are very useful, such as my favorite calculator, compass, flashlight, etc.


Because OPPO Watch can connect to Bluetooth headsets, it can be used as a music player. You can download some audio-listening apps, such as Himalaya, Kuwo Music, NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, etc., with abundant audio resources to listen to freely. In fact, in theory, OPPO Watch can also support video apps such as Douyin, but one hardware configuration is not high enough, the second screen is too small after all, and the third is too power-consuming, so listening to songs is the most suitable.


Since it is an OPPO watch, the smart assistant Breeno is naturally indispensable. It is very convenient to wake up by voice command, and then let it do some things, that is, turning on the voice wake-up function will increase power consumption!

OPPO Watch has its own NFC function, which can be used as a bus card and access card. It can be used with the app to open the bus card. Now the card fee is free and it is very convenient to take the bus!

However, the card swiping of OPPO Watch will not start automatically. Instead, you need to manually open it in the program before you can swipe the card. Because NFC is turned off by default, in order to save power, if you keep it on, it will reduce the watch’s battery life.

Summarize the experience of OPPO Watch’s daily functions. There is no doubt that it is powerful. The standard Android system gives it extremely strong expansion capabilities. After connecting to the computer, you can install non-watch custom apps by yourself, but the effect is not ideal. I tried it and it is not recommended.


Charging and endurance test
Battery life has always been the shortcoming of smart watches, so how does OPPO Watch perform in this regard? Speaking of OPPO, I am afraid that the first thing many people think of is that charging is fast, but is OPPO Watch only 5V1A charging power enough?


I actually tested the charging speed and started charging at exactly 4 pm. At this time, the remaining power of the OPPO Watch is 31%. It takes 40 minutes to charge to 100% at 16:40. The charging power is 69%. The calculation is about that within one hour can be charged fully.


In terms of battery life, the 41mm version of OPPO Watch has the smallest battery, so the officially announced battery life is 24 hours, but in actual experience, it is found that this battery life is related to the number of applications installed and how much you operate the watch.

I tested regular use, listened to music for a while, exercised, and tested the progress of power consumption in the process. About 12:10 minutes, the remaining battery power is 88%, to 13:36 minutes, the remaining 73%, 15% power failure in one and a half hours. At 15:38, 50% remained, and 23% of the power was lost in 2 hours. It seems that in normal use, the battery life is about 10 hours.

1. Beautiful appearance, stylish and simple design, light and comfortable to wear, and can be worn for sports and sleep.

2. The operation is convenient, the touch screen is sensitive, and the display effect is excellent. It looks cool when worn on the hand.

3. Powerful exercise detection capabilities, not only can monitor heart rate, sleep state, but also support a variety of different exercise records.

4. Powerful functions, rich built-in apps, you can do many things, independent eSIM card is very convenient, not only can be used 5. Alipay, map navigation can also be used as a bus card, access card.

6. You can listen to music, read a book, or make a phone call, and travel is convenient.

7. Fast charging, battery life optimization is done well.

8. There is an independent swimming mode and supports 30 meters waterproof.

The operation of sliding left and right on the dial is a bit unsuitable, and the need to enter the function menu by pressing the key increases the consumption of the keys.

There is QQ in the APP, but there is no WeChat, which makes it inconvenient for users who are accustomed to using WeChat.

The hardware configuration is a 1+8GB combination, it is a bit difficult to run a large APP, so there is no way to watch videos on the watch.