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Google follows Apple’s approach: the Play Store security zone will be clarified and strictly enforced

In order to better protect the security of user data, both Apple and Google smartphone platforms have joined new policies. Among them, Apple started with iOS 14 to strictly restrict third-party applications from tracking users.

On the Google side, it has also recently announced the design progress of the upcoming Safety Section of the Play Store.

The “Safety Section” feature that Google added this time was announced for the first time in May. The function is to provide users with information about the data collection, privacy, and security practices of the App in the secure zone.

Developers can display application security information in October, and next April is the deadline.

Currently, the security zone function is still being improved and may be changed.

The latest official screenshot shows that the secure area will appear on the rating and comment section of the App download page. It mainly provides a summary of the privacy features of the App, including whether the stored data is encrypted.

Users can also click on the “View Details” option to view more details.

According to Google, this design allows users to have a deeper understanding of Apps’ privacy and security practices, and explain the data that may be collected and why.

If the developer does not add data to the security zone, a “no information” message will appear in the list, which does not rule out the subsequent use of compulsory means by Google to prevent application updates.

According to the timetable announced earlier by Google, this Safety Section design was initially announced in May this year, and will eventually be the “dead line” of the Play Store developers before April 22 next year. It can be expected that before this time, most of the commonly used apps will be strictly followed.