A low-cost shelter for Google Photos moving–GoPro Quik announces unlimited capacity

Since June 1st of this year, Google Photos has cancelled unlimited space, which disappoints many people, because representatives will continue to use more space in the future, or they will look for cheaper alternative services.

Now, GoPro’s Quik service has announced the launch of an unlimited capacity plan, which may allow everyone to find a new home for their photo or video backups.

In order to allow GoPro devices to better share media files, GoPro Quik came into being. With one click, GoPro Quik can export photos and videos from Android or GoPro devices.

It can also carry out post-production in a nutshell, including the use of GoPro special filters, photo and video editing tools, themes and music, making movie editing effects easier to operate.


In addition to film editing, GoPro Quik also provides a subscription service. GoPro’s subscription service originally provided live broadcast capabilities and unlocked some of the editing functions in its Quik app, such as speed control, special filters, and GoPro original Music etc.

But now a very attractive feature has been added: unlimited cloud backups, and can be backed up with original image quality! This means that as long as there is a stable network, storage space will no longer be an obstacle to restricting creation.

Not only that, GoPro Quik also allows you to upload any photo or video on your device to the GoPro cloud storage by sharing it with Mural.

The latest Android version already provides unlimited backup capabilities, and this will soon come to the iOS version.

As for the subscription price, the current price is US$1.99/month (or US$9.99/year)