It is confirmed! Google will launch new smart home products at I/O

According to the news, the Google I/O 2021 will be all-virtual this year, which actually is better than what we got last year, which was no I/O at all. As usual, the event kicks off with a keynote speech from Sundar Pichai and other high-level Googlers. We expect there to be at least one hardware announcement during that event. That starts at 10:00 AM PT on May 18.


Whereas, the Google doesn’t provide any hints on what to expect. It’s also not clear if these “new product announcements” would be hardware- or software-based. However, we think it’s a safe bet that we’d see at least one piece of new smart home hardware launch during I/O.

Recently, Google discontinued its popular line of Nest-branded security systems. Is it possible we’ll see a replacement launched at the event? Also, it’s been a while since we’ve seen any new Nest cameras, so maybe an update to that line is on the way.

This year’s I/O will mark the fifth anniversary of Google Assistant, thus Google would make it a pretty great event.