Breaking news from Google I/O! Google turns Android phones into Android TV remotes

Google redesigned the Android TV OS interface last year to make it easier to navigate through the remote control.

Today comes to Google I/O 2021, the official announcement will be integrated remote control function for Android phones.

In this way, the combination of the two in experience can be closer to the combination of iPhone and Apple TV.

Judging from the pictures posted on the official blog, Google’s plan seems to be quite similar to Apple’s.

There is a large swipe area at the top of the phone screen, and the back, home interface, and Google Assistant buttons are located below.

The switch key is placed on the upper right, and next to it there are three vertical dots representing the setting menu.

The biggest advantage brought by the mobile phone avatar remote control should be that it is convenient for users to input when searching or filling in passwords.

In addition, it also allows you to have a control alternative when you can’t find a physical remote control.

According to Google, the new feature will be officially launched later this year and can be used by devices running Android TV/Google TV.