Android Auto can’t connect to a fully charged phone, is there a solution?

Since the fall of 2019, some users have complained that when an Android smartphone is fully charged, it cannot connect to Android Auto and will automatically disconnect. This problem has become a long-term nightmare for Android Auto users.

Although Google has conducted an investigation, but ultimately did not announce the detailed reasons, and according to the latest foreign media reports, Google’s latest release of Android Auto 6.3 update still has not solved this problem.


Google released the Android Auto 6.3 update a few days ago, opening third-party applications to join the Android Auto system.

In the future, Android Auto will be supported by applications such as charging and parking, and it will also fix some of the old problems of Android Auto.

However, according to reports, the bug fixes in this version update did not improve the automatic disconnection of Android Auto.

There are even users who claim that the automatic disconnection is more serious than before. It is said that when the battery power reaches 85%, Android Auto will crash, and some users complain about the automatic disconnection every few minutes in the Google forum.


Technically speaking, the way to avoid this error is to use Bluetooth or wireless connection to the car, but this is only possible if the car entertainment host itself supports wireless or Bluetooth.

Otherwise, if the connection cable is used, the engine will automatically charge the phone when it is started.

Regarding the use of a cable to connect to the car entertainment host, and do not want Android Auto to automatically disconnect, the media said that some users especially keep the battery power of their mobile phones in a low battery state.

In this way, you can charge your phone while driving, and while using Android Auto, you can gain more Android Auto connection time.

However, this method is only temporary and cannot be done once and for all.

If you don’t want to be troubled by automatic disconnection, you can only hope that Google can really fix the problem when the next version of the Android Auto 6.4 system is updated.