Live: Google I/O 2021–There are many crucial points except Android 12

Last year, the Google I/O Developer Conference was cancelled and will not be held until May 19 this year.(The Live link is in the end of this article)

According to Google, “Please pay attention to understand how we can further fulfill our mission, organize global information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Will there be new surprises for Google after two years?

In accordance with past rules, the annual I/O developer conference will inevitably release many features and functions of the new version of the Android system.

At present, Google has released the Android 12 developer preview version, you can see some details of the adjustment. It is estimated that at the conference, Google will introduce some major user interface changes.


In addition, Google often exposes major updates of services and software at I/O developer conferences. In recent years, Google has brought Google Maps incognito mode, new assistant voice and other functions.

It was previously reported that Google is developing a new Pixel Buds true wireless headset. Google has confirmed that the headset will support Google’s quick pairing experience and provide “high-quality sound.”

The price is expected to be cheaper than the existing $179 Google Pixel Buds.

For the Pixel 5a, Google announced in April that it will enter the US and Japanese markets later this year. This means that there will not be much news about this model at the conference.


Faced with Apple’s self-developed processor, Google also has a self-developed plan. Previously, developers found keywords Whitechapel and P21 in the Android open source code.

Among them, Whitechapel may be Google’s self-developed processor, and P21 is the model that Google will release this year.

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