Gourmet Carnival for the Alone: ​​Silent Breakfast Machine Experience

Food is the heaven for the people, and China’s food culture is even more extensive and profound. With the opening up and exchanges of countries all over the world, the combination of Chinese and Western cultures, and the same food with Chinese and Western cuisine is a pursuit of the younger generation to reward themselves. In order for the children to grow up healthily, parents must at all costs to let their children eat healthy and balanced nutrition.


As an international student, I have never been able to cook and developed into a “food blogger” in the eyes of my classmates, all thanks to this silent home multifunction machine. It really deserves its name because it can be used as a breakfast machine, a sandwich maker, a waffle and grilling machine… and even a hot pot.


Although it is a pot, its beauty has conquered me. This pot is available in two colors, one Chinese red and one pearl white, both of which I really like.


Because I am a person full of enthusiasm for life, I finally chose China Red, which also means that my study abroad life and future life are booming. Not only the colors conquer me, but the 6 accessory panels are also exquisite and look very textured; the hidden lock switch is even more exquisite; the power cord storage design on the chassis is also very exquisite and beautiful, these exquisite details give people intimate care , A lot of extra points for the appearance.


Will revealing the dazzling appearance disappoint? Let’s talk to you about the true face of Lushan Mountain:


This is an authentic multi-purpose pot with less oily smoke and no fire. Chinese and Western food can be cooked at the same time, fried, steamed and braised. Steaks, grilled chicken wings, fried shrimps, steamed eggs, and boiled milk are all capable. It will make people enjoy the left hand barbecue, the right hand hot pot, double the happiness, any kitchen novice will easily get fancy food. Xiaobai, like me, who never enters the kitchen by my mother’s side, has also been trained as a “food blogger” in the eyes of his classmates. Because of the delicious food, I made a lot of good friends.


The operation is also very simple, there are two knobs on the machine, the two knobs are divided into sections, and they do not interfere with each other during operation. And there are two levels of heat to choose from, low-fire heat preservation, high-fire cooking, flexible baking, one-key adjustment, save worry and effort.


The left knob can be timed for up to 30 minutes, and the right knob can adjust the temperature. Frying, steaming, and braising can be performed simultaneously, saving time for breakfast.


When going to school, every Sunday afternoon my mother will call on the phone on time: “Son, you must have a good breakfast every morning when you go to school! Pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat vegetables, eat eggs, eat fruits, drink milk… …”Although my old mother’s words sound calloused on my ears, I can’t help but listen! The body is the capital of the revolution! I usually go straight to the supermarket to buy enough food for a week after I hang up the phone. I didn’t get up until 7 o’clock the next day. Thanks to the help of this multi-function pot, I can make a rich breakfast without rush. In the morning, I usually bake some waffles, heat a glass of milk or make pizza and Chinese lasagna, and cook some vegetables to eat.


The most pleasant life of studying abroad is to have good friends on the balcony to eat food on weekends. Cook an exquisite meal, release your appetite, treat yourself and friends who have been tired for a week, enjoy the warmth and happiness, and feel like finding home in a foreign country. Why can I use this pot to make delicious, luxurious and wonderful food that my friends exclaim without time-consuming? It’s not that I have a lot of beef, but because this pot is too powerful, with 5 cooking skills, including frying, roasting, steaming, and boiling, all of which can be braised. One is worth five.



Not only can be baked on one side, but also can be closed for baking. When grilling, turning over both sides increases the area, just flip it with chopsticks. If you want to heat up and down at the same time, you can close the lid without turning it over, and the color is even, freeing your hands. Whether it’s open or roasted, it will make people enjoy it. After chatting, the steak is grilled, and the taste will be adjusted according to your usual taste.

Write at the end


Because of this pot, I became a “food blogger” in the eyes of my classmates; because of this pot, my ability to live independently has improved; because of this pot, I can eat healthily; because of it, I fall in love with cooking. It turns out that it is not that we are unwilling to do things, but that we need more suitable tools to give us the motivation to do things.

Why do I say it is a food carnival for people living alone? Although there are many kinds of props for making dishes, the overall heating speed is slow. It is very suitable for young friends living alone, to offer themselves a favorite delicacy. If there are more people, we may need to wait for the breakfast machine.