cooking for ten minutes, let breakfast say goodbye to fast food

Winter has come, in addition to getting up hard, making breakfast must be a worry. How happy would it be if there was a way to make a quick breakfast at home. To solve this problem, more and more breakfast machines have been introduced. Today, we are going to introduce this multi-function breakfast machine produced by Silencare.




The machine is all red, and I love that red, it’s a very appetizing color, right? The whole machine only has these two knobs, one is to adjust the time, the other is to adjust the gear, the time can only be 30 minutes at most, and the gear is divided into soft fire and strong fire.



It can be opened by the handle and  replace the plate easily.


Spread out the whole machine, the lid of the light eating area also has the heating function, which can be put on the plate to keep warm after breakfast is made.

The maximum power can be up to 1600W. Generally, it can be prepared by frying and baking for about 3 minutes.The serving area can heat milk and porridge and the temperature is automatically controled , and there is no need to worry about burning the bottom of the pot.



Take off the baking pan, the heating tube is below, the heating tube’s own temperature can reach more than 500 ℃.


Put on the baking pan, and the test temperature of soft fire is about 100 ℃.


The test temperature of strong fire can reach about 220℃.





Because it does not stick to oil, cleaning is also very convenient, the bottom of the machine is for the power line storage. So, if you are like me who love life and love cooking, you might try this light food machine, after all, cooking is fun, only people who love cooking can understand.