The all-rounder at your bedside-EZVALO wireless music lamp.

Imagine what you have at the side of your bed: a lamp that lights up your room at night, a speaker that keeps you awake and asleep, and a charger that powers your phone. These indispensable items make the bedside table even narrower.


Today I would like to share my use experience on EZVALO wireless music lamp that combines lamp, speaker and charger together with you.


The lamp has two kinds of color matching, one is marbled decorative pattern and the other is Nordic wood pattern, which can let the user easily to choose the corresponding product with their own decoration style.The overall fuselage size of 191 X 203 X 55mm, combined with its own circular appearance design, it can greatly improve the utilization rate of the bedside cabinet.



The material of the lamp can be divided into the upper half part that with wood grain decorates and the lower half part that with gray weaves, it also has the half-moon form lamp pole that can rotate about 180 degrees designed at the same time.As for the bottom there are four cabinet desk leg designed, with the bottom silicone damping can make it placed more stable.



There are only three buttons on the body of the lamp, which can be used to control music.As for the interface, it is be placed at the back of the product. The mainstream type-C interface specification can make it get charged directly through the mobile phone charging head, USB plug-in board, or charging pad.


The desk lamp supports 3 adjustable brightness in order to adapt to different family lighting atmosphere.And it can be adjusted with a flick of a finger, making it easier to turn on the light at night.At the same time the lamp pole can adjust the angle, so that the overall lighting range will be wider.


In terms of music playign, it supports bluetooth 5.0 technology with higher compatibility and stability, and its 5W speaker unit can be used as a sound box to accompany you to sleep and wake up.


The cross symbol can be seen in the middle of the panel as the reference point of wireless charging, which enables the device supporting wireless charging to achieve the wireless charging of up to 10W, and when charging reaches 90%, it can automatically slow down the direct current, thus effectively extending the life of the mobile phone battery.


At the same time, there is also a hidden function, which uses a lamp pole and silicone buttons to form a mobile phone stand, which can be easily completed in portrait or landscape, completely unlocking more usage scenarios.No matter be put in bed, take to sitting room, desk or kitchen, it can obtain the agile use experience that liberates both hands.