10 recommendations of pajamas and homewear from online stores for as little as RM20!

Many people think it doesn’t matter what they wear at home or when they go to bed. Why waste money on a set of pajamas and household clothes? We just need to put on some loose clothes and feel comfortable, and it is much cheaper. But why do many clothing stores still offer pajamas and homeware? That’s because pajamas and homewear have many benefits. Let’s find out today.


The small act of changing into pajamas has many benefits. Pajamas and household clothes are not only hygienic, but they are also effective in keeping you warm and avoiding catching a cold. Also, the materials used in pajamas and home clothes are more comfortable, so that we can feel relaxed. Changing into your pajamas also reminds your body to get some sleep, which in turn helps you fall asleep. Wearing pajamas and home clothes also ensures that we’re not too scruffy to be seen when a surprise late-night visitor arrives. With all the benefits of pajamas and homeware, let’s take a look at 10 clothing stores that offer pajamas and homeware.


1. Young Hearts

Young Hearts is a lingerie store, but they also sell very nice and comfortable pajamas. Young Hearts has also released a range of pajamas for the Year of the Ox to coincide with the Lunar New Year. They also sell a lot of cute koalas and llama pajamas. Now there’s a 70% discount on a second pair, so don’t miss it.

Purchase link –> Young Hearts


2. Uniqlo

Uniqlo has been in Malaysia for over a decade, and all the clothes you need are available in their stores, including pajamas. Uniqlo’s pajamas, in addition to their understated designs, also feature floral designs by Cath Kidston’s independent Print studio Joy of Print.

Purchase link –> Uniqlo

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3. Muji

Muji is a Japanese retail brand based on the concept of “no-brand”. Each of their products has minimal packaging and design, and their pajamas are no exception. Most of their pajamas are plain, with no patterns, just simple lines and plaid designs, which are perfect for all ages.

Purchase link–> Muji

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6IXTY8IGHT is an underwear brand founded by Swedish entrepreneurs. Their design concept is lively and young underwear. Since 2006, they have also introduced pajamas, again with a fun and relaxed focus. Now you can get a 15% discount on the second pair of their designated pajamas.

Purchase link –>6IXTY8IGHT

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SPAO is the brand of Korea’s E-Land Group, whose pajamas have collaborated with many famous brands, such as Crayon Shin-chan, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, Harry Potter, and Monsters University. You can go to their online store to see which series is more suitable for your own heart.

Purchase link–> SPAO


SHEIN is an international fashion online store that has been offering cheap and beautiful clothes for everyone to enjoy the beauty of fashion since it was founded in 2008. SHEIN offers a wide range of pajamas at a very low price, starting at RM20. But keep in mind that SHEIN’s clothes are shipped from abroad, so you’ll have to wait for shipping.

Purchase link –> SHEIN

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7. H&M

H&M is a Swedish fashion brand founded in 1947. H&M offers clothes and other accessories at affordable prices. The range of pajamas ranges from more conservative pajamas to more modern cotton T-shirts and trousers.

Purchase link –> H&M

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8. Pomelo Fashion

Pomelo Fashion is an Asian fashion brand. It was founded in 2018, so it’s a very young brand. Its pajamas are very fashionable, mostly with shoulder straps and laces. Pomelo Fashion is also running a promotion, with 20 to 30 percent off selected pajamas.

Purchase link–> Pomelo Fashion

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9. Fayth

Fayth is a clothing brand founded in Singapore in 2014. The family’s plant-themed clothing comes in two colors and is made from a cotton blend, which is soft and comfortable.

Purchase link –>Fayth

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10. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito’s design philosophy is to enhance a woman’s confidence but not overly expensive clothing. Their home clothes range from modest designs to plant-themed ones. Their online store also offers home clothes for children, which are designed to be the same as those for adults but are very cute.

Purchase link –> Love, Bonito


There are so many benefits to pajamas and home clothes. In addition to looking good, they can keep you warm and relaxed. What are you waiting for? If you don’t have pajamas, you can browse these online stores.